Which 120mm Fans are the best for Watercooling

Yeah i have been looking for fans to put on a blackice III radiator for a watercooling setup. So when i am looking at running more than 1. If i want to reach good heat reduction, but moderately low noise ( i dont need something totally Silent, just nothing thats reasonably quiet.) What should i do i found some fans that looked intresting.




I am not sure what kind of 120mm fans i need for that 3-120 radiator so i am just assuming thats the ideal. but yeah i am shooting in the dark i dont know what i really need for these 120mm but i would like it to be the most efficent for my Watercooling System.

i noticed a topic similar to this , but it wasnt pertaining to Watercooling
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  1. I would suggest the first one... You get more air flow per noise dB. You wont get as much air flowing trough the radiator with the bottom 2 choices unless the speed is turned up higher but the fan in turn will be more noisey. So go with the first option (Thermaltake) They are a good company with good quality products... cant really go wrong with them.
  2. Yep, set it to a fan controller with all 3 on it so if you need more airflow you can turn it up till your ears say enough. 3 of them? Your gonna cool like a mofo...
  3. This is old but pretty good list with specs:
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