WoW! "Smoking" Motherboard Dude

Was just tworking on my new gaming pc build the other day, and guess what!

Well I was testing my swifttech water cooler from my PSU but I forgot that I had my 4 pin CPU power connector plugged into the Motherboard. Well you probably guessed it. When I turned on the PSU I started smelling and seeing smoke, like some burning hair or some really bad mix of cow crap and manure being microwaved for an hour. And I was like dammit "what a piece of cra* cooling kit!"

However after a long time I noticed that it wasnt my power supply, or my water cooling kit, however it was my motherboard that was smoking. I then unscrewed the mobo and on the back of it I spotted two copper traces that were completely burned up. My mobo is a gigabyte k8nf sckt939. I fixed the traces with a copper tarce reapair kit but I dont know if the motherboard will still work. I will only be able to find out when my 4000+ comes in the mail.

has this ever happened to any of you guys before?, please let me know.
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  1. You mean have I ever done something really dumb and then said DOH? Yeah, I've done that before.

    My guess is that you'll be buying a new MB.
  2. Hope I dont have too though, But has anyone in these forums ever fried on fixed any traces on their motherboards before?
  3. Sorry I don't have an answer for your question, but thanks for a good laugh! Hope that works out for you.
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