EVGA 7900GT 256mb superclocked SLI heat question

Hey guys,
The following are my system specs

MB Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe
CPU AMD 3200+ 64bit @ 2.0Ghz
RAM 1 GB DDR 400 PC3200 Ultra (1 module)
GPU 2x eVGA 256mb 7900 GT superclocked
PSU Antec 550w 3 12v rails @ 18a

My problem is when I installed the Nvidia monitor and ASUS PC probe on my system I was alerted to the fact that my GPU's were running at 63c which was causing an overheat alert. The warning occured after a 4-5 hour world of warcraft session, so I guess I want to know if I should be worried or what my options are as far as cooling the GPU's down to acceptable levels(I dont know what those might be). There is only one intake fan in the front of the case at this point as I've been concerned with how much juice the graphics cards are drawing.
Thx for anyone who cared to read this :D
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  1. Those cards should be good to up to 70C but you will probably shorten their lives by running them that hot. I would suggest after market coolers on those like the artic cooling accelero X1 which will expel the hot air out of the PCI port right under the PCI-e port. This way you aren't recycling hot air from your vid cards within the case.
  2. The Accelero X1 was designed with BTX cases in mind, and does not expel hot air from the case, unlike its NV Silencer brothers.

    Also, AC say that the X1 is not compatible with most 7900GTs.
  3. Sorry you're right about the difference between the accelero and the silencer but the original intent is correct. Get an after market cooler...
  4. Thank you for your replies,
    Is the accelero x1 designed to be plugged into the graphics cards or sit above/below/inbetween them? It almost looks like a replacement for the current GPU fans....

    Also what are recommended temperatures Celsius for SLI graphics cards? It's getting annoying because I dont want to baby these cards, I paid 310 each for them and I'd hate to underclock or remove the 2nd card.
  5. 63C after 4-5 hours of full load gaming is actually not that bad at all. 55c would be ideal but anything up to 65 is normal for 7900gts.

    What's the ambient temp in your room/case?
  6. Arctic Cooling currently does not make a 7900 GT compatible cooling solution but one is expected this summer called the Accelero S. I would just do some searching at online stores to find some compatible coolers.

    These after market coolers are full heat sink / fan combinations and will replace the stock one on your vid card. This means removing the existing one, place some AS5 and putting the new one on.
  7. Why are you guys getting so worried about GUP temps at around 70? After all, even the Nvidia temperature inidcator turns red only with temps over 80. And the core slowdown temperature is at around 110°C, so 70° surely is still no problem at all.
  8. All the info I hear about temps is generally conflicting. My nvidia ntune performance monitor starts beeping at 55c. My temps are stable around 50c after some fan rearrangement so I'm done worrying about it but I wish I knew the some real info on heat.
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