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i have a pentium D processor and 2gigs of twin2x corsair i need to get a motherboard that will be good for games does any 1 have any suggestions on what would be a good purchase ??
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  1. All the motherboards are typically about the same in the performance with the same chip set and processor.
    -What type of video card are you going to purchase?
    -What are you going to use the computer for?
    -What speed is the ram you have?
    -Are you going to overclock?

    Here is a motherboard right from Intel that leaves you some upgrade room if you ever do. You could have Crossfire with this motherboard if you choose, but SLI is out. Not as though it matters to me, The thought of buying 2 video cards only to have the next generation out perform last generations 2 cards doesnt sit very well with me.

    Oh and by the way how do you get a processor first and not a motherboard???
  2. well video card im not sure :roll:
    the ram speed is 667 and ill be using the pc mostly for games
    overclocking probly not
    i won the processor and ram in a CS comp
  3. Do you have a budget???
    From the parts you listed you still need
    Hard Drive
    Video Card
    Power Supply
    DVD/CD drive

    Dont forget about monitor, winxp, keyboard/mouse.
  4. well i cant get 2 expensive but the only price i need to worry about is the motherbpard power supply and case dvd drive arnt a problem i just need an oppinion on what a good motherboadr would be to get, im not really a hardware boffin just need to get quite a good board for gaming but 1 that doesnt sost a arm and a leg
  5. This one should do you fine. Unless you won an extreme edition processor.

    Here is a power supply I just purchased and is very quiet.

    You more than likely dont need 500W 's but it is working well for me.
    Here is a power supply calculator if you want to check for you minimum.
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