Cooling 2 Hard Drives on My Shuttle 3.06

this computer has the P4 3.06 GHz.

also, 2 x 160 GB Maxtor P-ATA drives.

when i put the second drive in, it was running HOT ! well, both of them were.

so i used thermal grease and then added a small HSF assembly.

not the drives run cool ! their purpose in life was to back up an old Xeon system. the shuttle SB51G with the P4 3.06 was about as fast as the Xeon 2.4, and it was 1/4 the size, so i thought - what the hell, another reason to spend money on computer stuff ! :D

of course the project kind of experienced "mission creep". i realized that i would need to ventilate the case, too.

now the drives run warm, about the same temp as when there was just one drive in there.
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  1. Hmmmm....what was the question again? Sorry I daydream a lot.
  2. LOL :lol: I don't think you're the only one daydreaming.
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