Newegg offering free PC Magazine subscriptions or $9.97 back

So I'm ordering from my favorite online computer parts store (newegg), and at the bottom of my "Submit Order" page, there's this:


Included with your purchase is a 1-year subscription to PC Magazine (or Electronic Gaming Monthly) -- a $9.97 value. You will receive 1 year of PC Magazine with no obligation to continue. If you do not agree to receive this offer, you have the option to request a refund of the subscription value. Accepting this offer will not affect the price you pay at checkout. Limit 1 subscription per household.

Click here for refund instructions

(checkbox)I agree to receive this offer and to have provide my information to Ziff Davis Media.

So basically, if I want a PC Magazine subscription, I check the box. If I want my $9.97 back, I print out the form and mail it in. Otherwise, I guess they keep my $9.97 if I don't mail the form in.

Now its a little weird because they're not forcing you to subscribe, its like a free subscription or money back.

Thought I would share with everyone. Didn't find anything about it when I searched.
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  1. And a Rebate Scam?

    OK, so I didn’t want this magazine, and I wanted my $9.97. So I sent in the rebate form, or what ever you want to call it. Three days ago I got a letter saying they can’t process my refund. They said it is for one or more of the following reasons (sumorized), Only valid with purchase of certain items (like the AMD CPU I bought), they did not get a copy of my order confirmation, I did not include a self addressed and stamped envelope, and or my request was not within 30 days. Well, they didnt’ check any of these, nor in any way did they indicate what I need to do. Additionally on this letter no where is my name, any numebr or code or anything to indicate to them what I have sent in before. This means that I would have to send in everything again. Not only that, I don’t even know which Newegg order this was for. This is bogus. They are playing games with me, we know what you did wrong but we won’t tell you only give you clues. And I didn’t nothing wrong. I bet they know most people won’t bother for $9.97.

    Also they only way I can contact hem to find out info or proceed is through writing, yep snail mail.

    - Keith
  2. Hey TG Forum members,

    The PC Magazine offer can be a little confusing. First, the value of the PC subscription will not affect the price of your purchase. Also, this is simply an offer and you are not obligated to accept it or request for the refund.

    If anyone needs assistance please feel free to PM us with your recent Sales Order number (SO#) and we will glad to help.

    Hi Keith0256,

    Please feel free to PM us with your qualifying Sales Order number (SO#) and will gladly see what can be done to assist you.
  3. Hmm, that's good to keep in mind.
    I sent mine in but I haven't gotten anything back yet. I'm giving them 8-10 weeks as normal, then I'll get annoyed.
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