ATI 1600 PRO 512 - DELL 8250 - Machine won't boot

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

I checked and double checked prior to purchasing this ATI 1600 card, to make sure I was going the right route with this upgrade.

I bought a new power supply as recommended, and installed it, along with the card, into my DELL 8250.

When I tried to boot, the lights on my cd-roms would come on, then the floppy drive light would com on, and then STAY on.
There was NO video at all, and no hard drive activity either. The diagnostic LED's were showing GGGY. That sequence is supposed to idicate that there is a card or component improperly installed.

I went through the routine of checking to make sure the power supply was OK, and then as a last resort, put in the old ATI 9700 128 card.

The machine booted up perfectly. So I now have a shiny new power supply, but no upgraded video.

Anyone else experienced this?

I think I may just have a bad card. But I wanted to check here and see if anyone had a simular experience.

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  1. Computer works without card, doesn't work with card. Problem = card.
  2. Thanks for that...

    I think I should clarify my reason for posting here...

    Does anyone have a reason why I should bail out on the 1600 PRO all together?

    Any other 8250'ers that have had the same issue?

  3. If you do decide to get a new card, get one with 256MB unless its an extremely high end card, because on something like the X1600 512 will make no difference at all. In fact the perfomance may decrease slightly due to higher latency.
  4. Thanks. I was wondering about that as well. I'd seen some 256 cards over 300$.

    Seems like clock speed and "pipelines" are the items that effect the price of the card the most.
  5. Same card except 256mb, same machine and surprise, surprise, same problem! Did you get it resolved with these components?
  6. Clear the NVRAM
    If that doesnt work, reset your jumpers
    If that doesnt work, remove the BIOS battery
    If that doesnt work, try all options at once
  7. Thanks for the feedback!

    Won't removing the battery clear the NVRAM? Not sure of another way to clear the NVRAM.

    What jumpers might you be referring to?
  8. seems we have the same problem. Whats the latest?
  9. We share the same experience. I too own a Dell 8250 that came with a factory installed ATI 9700 Pro. I have been wanting to upgrade my video card and I finally decided on the ATI X1600 Pro. I read the instructions and installed a 350+ power supply and updated the AGP drivers. I disabled the 9700's display drivers and then I removed the old card and installed the new one. I had the same results as you. The computer powered up, but no display. The disk and CD drive lights came on but the hard drive wouldn't boot. I was thinking that I had a bad card. I took my card back to B**t B*y along with my tower. I had the Geek Squad take a look at the card to see that was going on. They also thought it was a bad card. So I exchanged the bad card for a new one. Same results. I left the tower with them to figure out what was wrong. The next day I went to back to check on things, and they ended up calling Dell. According to Dell the voltage on the new ATI video cards in a new 3.3 voltage and the 8250 AGP slot runs at 5.5 volts. Only the Dimension 8300 and newer run the newer 3.3 volt AGP slot. I also had them try the X1300 video card just to see if it would work, but it didn't. So the ATI X1K series in out of the 8250 owners reach. You might try a card like the X800 or X850, this will probably be my next step. I have also read another guys post on the net with our same problem and he bought an 8300 motherboard and installed it in place of the 8250's motherboard. According to him the board fit and everything worked properly. He got his 8300 board from an online auction for cheap. Whatever avenue you take good luck and keep us posted.
  10. Exact same thing happened to me-8200 and an X1600-oil and water.

    So, they were pretty sure about the voltage issue? That is truly strange.

    I guess I'll take my card back to F**'s immediately and see what else is available.

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