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DELL 19inch CRT washed out on the DVI port of an ATI 8500

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May 4, 2006 10:16:09 PM

I unplugged my very old (4 years but running good) Radeon 8500 and plugged it in my office computer to get dual monitor support. I plugged 2 relatively new identiical Dell 19 inch CRT's into the 8500. The primary i plugged it into the vga port and the 2nd (using a DVI to VGA converter that came with my 7800GTX) to the DVI port.

The monitor on the DVI port looks Washed out even as windows is starting. I tried plugging in another monitor but it was the same. im beginning to wonder whether the conversion from DVI to VGA has issues? Any comments guys?


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May 4, 2006 10:54:25 PM

Washed out? If you mean high brightness then look for an option within the ATi driver or the Display Properties>System>Advanced menus and look for brightness control.

A different DVI-VGA converter may help.

What drivers are you using?
May 4, 2006 10:59:26 PM

i'm using the latest catalyst along with hydravision to have one very long desktop area accross the two monitors (2560x1024). Washed out in the sense, the colors and contrast suck compared to the first monitor on the normal vga.

I might try a different DVI->VGA adapter as you suggested, thanks. This is really upsetting, if it it werent for this, the setup looks so sweet. ive never had such a high resolution, its awesome for development :) 

however i really hope nothing is wrong with my 8500, i hope to keep it for a few more years i love it :D 
May 4, 2006 11:09:22 PM

If it's any consolation my 9200 runs dual screens just fine, and that cost me £9 (brand deal EVER) if you do have to replace the card.

It's only ever had one problem with dual head.....and that was under Longhorn 4051, at which point I don't think the dual-screen code had even been written yet.
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