Win 7 not coming out of sleep mode

Just built this computer last week and I've had problems when the computer goes to sleep. When I press a key or move the mouse, the computer apparently wakes up but the monitor is still black and the PC speaker is gives off a three beep pattern. After a cold reboot, the system/win7 does not restart, but rather resumes the task I was doing prior to the sleeping mode. Any help would be appreciated. One more thing, does cold rebooting affect ssd's the same way as normal hd's?
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    I have the exact same problem on the p67 asus revolution motherboard. Only 2 days old. 2600k CPU. Waking up from sleep mode, all the fans turn on etc. but no picture and I hear 3 beeps from my speaker. Also, restarting will resume task usually too.

    Using g.skill 2x4GB RAM specifially (supposedly) for the lga 1155. and sli gtx 460. vertex 2 ssd
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  3. Turns out I had to disable PLL due to overclocking. I'm sure your issue was fixed too by now lol.
  4. that and optimization of the SSD helped
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