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Hi, I have an amd 3500+. I bought this a while ago but unfortunately got the clawhammer core (place I bought it from didn't say what core it was).I got 1gb Corsair 2xcmx512-3200XL ram. I've got an asus A8V Deluxe mobo and just wondered what the overclocking potential of this cpu is?

Could you also give me a little advice on what voltage I should use and the memory timings?

Many thanks

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  1. Right I've been playing around a bit and have got these results, prime95 has been running for about an hr 1/2 now.

    Can you give me any advice - voltage too high on cpu? Cas etc on mem too high?

  2. Hey man, Got the exact same cpu as you

    Got it running as so

    Caint remember the mem timings though. I couldnt go any higher than this.
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