Hiper PSU help please.

Ok, so around January i got a new PC completely, including a hiper type R PSU

Just the other day i noticed a loud sound coming from my PC, and the case was vibrating. Thing is, i dont know if the slightly vibtrating case was the normal, i've never checked this before, but the sound brought it to my attention. After checking around the case by feel, i concluded the vibration was coming from the PSU area, and the area on the case above the PSU was slightly warm. After restarting, the noise went away and has not come back, but the vibrating is still there, and seems to get worse the more load i put on the computer, the heat seems to build up and then cool down aswell

I dont know if this heat and vibration is normal though, the case is very cheap and i will probobly be replacing it soon. The noise hasn't come back though, and i'm not noticing anything different in the way the computer functions, just geting a little scared my PSU is going to blow up and set fire to my room :P

So, any advice? Is this normal, has anyone else got this?
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  1. Is the PSU secured properly?

    As the PSU gets hotter it might have an integrated fan controller that increases the speed of the fan, and if the PSU or fan is not secured properly it might cause vibration or rattling.
  2. From what I read, that PSU has "long life" fans but are sleeve-bearing type? Definitely an oxymoron... Sleeve bearings do wear out rather quick do tend to vibrate when the end is near.
  3. I dont think the end is near, atleast i hope not. As i said i only got this thing in january, and i dont know if this is how its always been, because i've never really had to check

    Ive opened up the case while i felt the vibrating and i couldn't see anything wrong with the PSU, it all seems firmly in place and there is no visible shaking or anything

    And yea, thats what i was thinking. The fan increases as the heat does, therfor more load = faster fan. I have a feeling the case is just cheap and not very sturdy, and i may just be being paranoid, no idea =/

    Anymore input will be greatly apreciated
  4. hmm maybe something like this will help?

    Vantec Power Supply Vibration Dampener Kit
  5. The vibrations dont really bother me all that much, its just the thought of what the vibrations might mean. If they are nothing to worry about that i will stop worrying, and may purchase one of those. Its just a peace of mind thing really, spent a good deal of money on this system and i dont want the PSU to set on fire or anything

    If this is a problem, is my system in danger? Or do the Hiper safety trips kick in? For example if the PSU gets too hot or overloads, will the power get cut from it? Or the fuse blow? To protect the system

    Thanks for all the help guys
  6. if the fans aren't loose / rattling around maybe one of them went bad prematurely since it is having high speed vibration. I can't blame you for your worries since it starts to heat up a bit, it almost sounds like the fan can't turn efficiently when it starts vibrating (like an old sleeve bearing fan) and expel the heat.

    I would probably call hiper tech support and see if they can send replacement fans (not too hard to replace) or maybe an advance RMA power supply - have no experience w/ hiper customer / tech support am curious to see how they respond.
  7. Replacement fans? That would mean i'd have to open it up and place them in myself?

    I dont think they'd allow that, since it would break the warrenty, and in i'd probobly end up busting it up. They'd probobly want me too send it to them or something, which also isn't conveniant, but guess if its needed....

    I hope that somehow its just come lose or something, dont really want to buy a new one since this one isn't that old. I wonder how to claim the warrenty too, it was given as a gift and i dont have the receipt.

    So, is my system in danger of being damaged? Or is it just an annoying vibration?
  8. hmm good point about the warranty...

    I would check the voltages with a good DMM when it is idle & cool, then when it starts vibrating again and check it again at the hottest, and if they are not too far off then you have no worries. It sounds like it is just getting slightly warm (mine does that as well) but as long as it is not uncomfortable to touch and the air exhausted as well then no worries...
  9. DMM......?

    I'm not really big on the whole computer building thing, and certainly not with PSU's. Never had a problem before with one
  10. DMM = Digital MultiMeter

    In my experience, replacing a PSU fan isn't very hard although it can be tricky. Consider the form factor size, and that the Hiper R is a rather high powered PSU, its a very full box.

    If you cannot send it back and you need to replace the fan, take your time and DONT force anything, remember where the screws go and the order you took it apart, retracing your steps should be a breeze.
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