No video input asus p7131 on win 7 64

Hello,i have video input on mce but i cant finish set up because i d ont have ir receiver hardware. i d ont want. no other programs walk on win 7 64. please help me
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  1. To get this working you will need media centre or you can download the media portal software.
    Intially i was getting audio with no picture.
    I tried downloading the K-lite video codecs
    and tried reinstalling the card and video drivers
    I still got no picture just audio in the media centre
    I installed asus video security and a use camera
    I switched between the tv tuner card and compsite video setting a few times
    and eventually i got a picture in the asus video security
    I relaunched media centre and this fixed the video settings
    it is possible that either plugin in the cam or using the asus video security software fixed this issue
    goodluck hope this helps
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