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Cant log into my computer windows 7 wrong password

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April 18, 2011 7:11:02 PM

Hey,my computer wont let me log into my profile, on the windows sign in screen it has my bros profile and other users icon but mine isnt there and if i put in my name and password is always says either my password or name is wrong, i went into the administators account and took off my password and then retried logging in but still no luck, i've never had this problem before but all my college work is on the profile, is this fixable without removing the profile completely?

April 18, 2011 11:56:22 PM

the "NAME" as i found out myself by accident like u i guess, is the one you put when you installed OS, or booted it first time, it can be the PC name, without the -PC at the end. hope it helps you
April 22, 2011 9:24:37 PM

Wesley, this has happened on TWO of my computers within the last couple of days. My guess is that an update to windows has screwed up our computers. My stuff was backed up offline so I'm now using my guest profile but I think were were f****d by the updates.

Or there's a virus out there that both of my computers caught at the same time!

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April 23, 2011 4:18:28 PM

If your bros account is as an administrator you can access yours through his. If you cant fix it set up another account and copy your stuff into our new account. Have you tried a system restore? Go through this guide of aford10 as well
May 4, 2011 4:23:17 AM

Login any available computer which can allow you download. Insert a blank CD . Find Windows Password Key and download
it, burn the iso image file to the cd. When finish, insert the disk to your computer, restart your computer, set the bios so that the computer boot from CD. Then you can clear your account password without knowing the current password.
July 8, 2011 6:16:25 AM

Emm.. you may remember the wrong password or someone hack your computer and change the password.
Anyway, you need to get access to you windows 7 now. You can make a Windows password reset disk to reset your password:

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So, is it easy? Luck!
July 14, 2011 1:22:28 PM

i am now useing acer netbook,so i cant make a cd,how can i just reboot from password prompt
September 21, 2011 7:21:22 AM

It is agood method for you to use windows password recovery tools, A few days ago, I found the password reset tool Windows Password Seeker which has been recommended at and use it to remove my lost password successfully. It is a very easy and useful utility. Follow the step-by-step instructions at
September 27, 2011 9:46:45 AM

Forgot windows 7 password, There is an easy way to recover Windows 7 Passwords required no reinstalling Windows OS and no computer skills. You can download a windows password reset tool on the internet. It can reset Windows login Passwords. You could get back into Windows just within few minutes. A week ago, I reset my windows 7 password successfully.
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September 28, 2011 1:26:25 AM

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