A8N-E + ATi X1600 - are there still problems?

I am hoping to build a system with the above motherboard and an Sappire X1600Pro 256MB graphics card but looking through the Asus forums there are some posts suggesting that there are problems with the A8N-E and the ATi X1x00 series GPUs. The thing is they are all older posts so I would like to know if there ever have been problems and if so have they now been solved - perhaps with the latest drivers?

Thanks to anyone with more experiance than me with hardware matters if they can help.
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  1. I can tell you that I do not have any major problems with my A8N-E and x1800xl. I do have one little soft boot problem where my 2005FPW LCD will tell me that it cannot display at the current resolution. All i do is cycle through its 4 inputs back to the DVI input and the video comes back. I looked at their bios updates (i have 1010) and they have a new one (1013) that supposedly fixes problems with pci-e x16 cards. I know that not only ATI x1x00 cards, but also nvidia cards have been affected. Im going to flash tonight to see if that fixes my little problem.
  2. Hello

    Im going to flash tonight to see if that fixes my little problem.

    How did the update go? Has it solved the display prob and has it given any other trouble?

    Any other experiences would be welcome to help me decide what to buy.
  3. sorry for the delay in posting, life got really busy there for the moment.

    as for the update, it did not solve the problem. it really wansnt an issue for me anyway. Since the bios update i did have 2 random bluescreens but that was due to the bios resetting to defaults and me not changing some mem settings. as for the board, i have not had any major issues with it since i bought it and the x1800 in december and have been very happy with it. I have never had any issues with asus boards.
  4. Thank you for the update.

    I have been reading the Sappire support forum and a lot of people seem to be having trouble with Sappire X1600 cards and various mainboards particularly Asus so I think I will go for another make of graphics card to be on the safe side - what are you using?

  5. im using a tried and true card strait from ati and couldnt be happier. i have heard of some people having trouble with sapphire cards, and others that love them as much as i do my ati. luck of the draw? :?:
  6. Thanks for the input.

    Fraid I don't think ATi sell cards under their own name here in the UK so I'll probably just avoid Sappire to be on the safe side.
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