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I have an entertainment/gaming system that I've upgraded and or replaced every hardware component except the HDD. Problem that's become worse over time is the tv picture starts to become choppy after a few minutes of use, until the image freezes altogether. When I first built the system, I would only get occasional choppy images. Now, the problem is continuos. I have changed tv cards from one 550 pro to another. I have added an ATI HDTV tuner with the same results. I have upgraded all drivers and even upgraded the PSU, cpu, graphics card, ram and motherboard. I don't think it's heat related since the problem happens in winter or summer with or without the cover on. Also, the image gets choppy regardless of whether I use Cyberlink, MCE 2005 or ATI Multimedia. I have also tried a different monitor and tried dvi and vga.

The only thing I have noticed is that this only occurs on live tv. Recorded tv (from a while back before this problem became so pronounced) plays back fine. The last thing I can guess is strength of the cable signal, which I'm awaiting a Motorola signal booster.

Other then that, I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions?

DFI Venus
AMD Opteron 170
ATI X1800 XT
Olevia 26' LCD
Patriot PC4800 xlbk
OCZ Powerstream 520W
Sapphire Theatrix 550 pro
Dual Seagate 160 GB sata (no raid)
Buffalo wireless G pci
Microsoft MCE 2005
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  1. Update. I installed the signal booster on the cable...While the picture looks better, the choppy image is still a problem. Could there be a setting I'm missing with mce 2005??? I can't figure this out.
  2. You need to be careful with signal boosters. If you overdrive the signal, you will hose your tuner. I'm a cable guy.
  3. Thanks for the advise. This is making feel more stupid then I probably am. I have observed that there is a lag, like the input from the cable is faster then the output on the monitor (after a couple of minutes I can fast forward what is supposed to be live tv). Must be a setting I'm missing someplace.
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