Looking at x800gto but...

Looking to upgrade my video card and was considering the x800gto, but at Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada they only offer 128MB versions for $200CDN.

I'm looking to spend about $250CDN max for solid PC gaming.

I need PCI-express, 256MB (preferrably 256-bit as well), and a decent number of pipelines for gaming.

I'm not concerned with overclocking or flashing so something that runs well out of the box is preferred.

Running an AMD64x2 4200 with 1.5GB RAM.

Is there another x800 i should consider? Is a x1600 better?
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  1. In Canada, I believe this is the best sub-$200 card: a 7600 GT from Tigerdirect.

    It kills both the X1600 and X800 GTO.


    Tigerdirect is a decent online seller for Canadians, I'm from winnipeg and I've used them before.
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