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I have two problems, maybe related, and I need a full Windows

1) It's hard to change focus, from my browser to my email to my
newsgroup clients, and from my email to my browser. Netscape 7.1,
Eudora 6.2, and Agent 1.9. Worked fine until about a year ago iirc.

2) Is it possible to stop programs from bringing focus to themselves
when they have just done something. Eudora never did before, but
lately it is, and Netscape does too at some point when it finds the
page it is looking for. I don't like this in general, but it's worse
now, because I have a hard time getting back to the program I was in.

Except Agent, which, when I click on it in the task bar, quickly
overlays whatever else is on the screen.

I have win98, 200MHz, and iirc 64Meg ram, and dial-up. Whereever it is
possible, I keep every program and screen maximized. It's less
cluttered and easier to read.

Is going to SE or adding more RAM known to fix the 2 problems here?

1 again) At the start of a session it usually works, but all of a
sudden, it will be hard for me to change focus. I'm in Netscape and I
want to go to Eudora. I click on Eudora and nothing happens. If I
click on Netscape again and Eudora again, back and forth, or
especially it seems if I right click and Maximize Eudora, it sometimes
seems to bring up Eudora. Lately I've been right clicking and
minimizing Netscape. Often that works, but sometimes it won't get

Sometimes after I minimize Netscape, I have to then miniimize or exit
Solitaire, Agent, another window of Netscape, and maybe other things.


If emailing, please let me know whether
or not you are posting the same letter.
Change domain to erols.com, if necessary.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion (More info?)

    Don't count on me to fix this - I'd try get more RAM though.
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