help with making my laptop a better gaming computer

I have a toshiba laptop (satellite m45-s331
intel pentium M processor 730 (1.60ghz)
512MB/80GB/DVD Supermulti drive/802.11b/g
IEEE 1394/bridge media adapter
not too sure what all of that means. I just bought oblivion after I played the last in the series. I found out after I bought the game that my computer does not meet the requirements. Is there any upgrades I could buy to make my computer meet or surpass what I need to play the game
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  1. Nope, you can't do anything about it. The Satellite m45-s331 comes with an Intel integrated graphics chip. That is not supported by Oblivion. The are laptops that do allow you to upgrade the GPU, but those are only for nVidia GPUs using a 'MXM' module. They are only found on a few more expensive laptops ($2,000 or more). It's a bit late to say it, but you should have checked the minimum requirements. Even if you do meet Oblivion's minimum requirements you'll have a hard time running the game.

    Your options are:

    1. Buy a new laptop.
    2. Get a desktop.
    3. Sell it.
    4. Let it collect dust.
  2. Just get a desktop. Unless you want to sell you sister gaming laptops are pretty much out of everyone's reach.
  3. So how can you know if a laptop supports upgrading videocards?? Is it if you have any geforce card in it? (like the 7800gtx GO)
  4. Quote:
    So how can you know if a laptop supports upgrading videocards?? Is it if you have any geforce card in it? (like the 7800gtx GO)

    One easy way to tell is to first go to a laptop that costs at least $2,000 and click on configure. See if there is an option to select a video card for it. That is a postive indication that the laptop uses the MXM video card modules.

    Here's an example, the Alienware Aurora m7700.

    Actually, Alienware does have a cheaper laptop starting at $949 which offers you the ability of swapping out the GPU, but these are less powerful GPUs.

    Area-51® m5500, $949 base model

    I believe there are 3 different MXM modules are of which have different dimensions (thickness). It's been a while since I researched this topic.

    MXM v1 - This is for the Thin and Light Notebooks so only the small MXM modules will fit. Consider small, lightweight and Go 7800GT do not mix.

    MXM v2 - This is for the mainstream, thicker than MXM v1. GeForce Go 6xxx series.

    MXM v3 - This is the thickest of all modules and are meant for Desktop Replacement notebooks. This is the notebook to get if you want the powerful Go 7800GT.

    nVidia's MXM info link
  5. This is all true, if your laptop came with integrated graphics it's probably because there wasn't space for a dedicated graphics card, which means that you probably can't add one.

    I have the Dell XPS laptop in addition to my home computer (travel a lot for business and want to keep gaming) and I have the 7800 GTX Go in that.

    The annoying thing about laptops is their difficulty in upgrading...
  6. What about an external processor, or graphics chip. Does that even exist? I spent just under 2,000 for this one. The screen is freakin huge and the clarity is the best I have seen. So nothing at all I can do? that really sucks. I don't think I could justify to my wife for to get a new computer when mine is just one year old. I have heard of external memory. However I lack in the graphics chip and I need to upgrade from 1.6GHz to at least 2.0. Surely there has to be some way. Could I just gut my computer of everything and rebuild?
  7. Ebay it.
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