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When i try and install any windows media player it says
this version of WIndows Media Technologies is incompatible with this version
of Windows. For more information, view the information at Microsoft Website.
But i have already had this installed before but i installed wm recorder and
then it stuffed the computer up and we couldn't open any streams anymore, and
so i used a system resote point which froze when restoring and then i lost
all the restore points so now i cant install windows media player and there
is a problem with a file calledshdoclc.dll, so now our computer is stuffed
can anyone help asap

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?)

    Maybe you could try to maximize your media experience with WMP10... I believe
    Windows Media Player 10 will solve your problems...
    Here's the page for download...
    Tell me is it working...
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