In need of some advice on parts to buy for a computer

I'm trying to build a new computer...obviously. I'm not looking for anything too expensive, nor am I looking for something so cheap it will break pretty quickly.

I'm more into the internet based games like Maple Story, and the Sims, and overall I'm looking to spend between 500-1000 dollars on a computer.

To give you an idea of the suggested requirements for one of the games I play to death...

CPU:P3700MHz or higher
HDD:500MB space needed
Windows basically XP
3D acceleration card
16bit sound card
and a cable modem

As you can see it is very basic, but since I know pretty much nothing about computers and this was suggested to me by a friend, help on what to buy is GREATLY appriciated.
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  1. Before I begin, I must tell you two major "things" are coming in computer technology that may limit your upgrade path:

    1) New Processors
    a)Conroe: A few months
    b)AM2 Socket: A few months

    2)Windows Vista
    -Supposedly to be released this fall, improved. This system will work fine on it, but won't support 100% features. But $6,000 machines don't either!

    You MAY want to wait, but for now...

    This is what I personally think:

    Antec Sonata || Piano w/450W PSU $93.99

    I picked this because it is spacious, cheap, and comes with a PSU.

    MSI K8N Neo4-F $74.99

    Cheap, reliable, and pretty good!

    AMD Athlon 64 3200+ $154.00

    More than enough for your games! You could try to overclock, which basically highers the clock speed which basically makes it faster!

    Patriot 1GB $77.25

    Loads of memory from a good maker. 1GB is more than sufficient.

    Maxtor Diamondmax 160GB $70.99

    Loads and loads of space, and a good company!

    Sony DVD+/-RW DL $37.99

    Burns CD, too.

    eVGA 7600 GS $99.99

    Pretty damn fast!

    XP Home $84.95

    New, and Pro doesn't come with too much more.

    This should do more than enough, and is about $694.15. Pretty good, and pretty fast. If you want more speed, get the GT of the 7600 GS which is overall faster or get bump the processor up.


    P.S. Is this still, too, uh... "geeky"? I can say more information, but Numb3rs is on! But thankfully the computer and TV are close, lol!
  2. My only question is could I find at least half of these things on zipzoomfly? I'm completely new to the building of a PC, and I'm not that great with computer lingo.

    I found a very cheap PC, and I was thinking of just upgrading the things that needed to be upgraded, but I might go with your suggestions instead.

    Advice on this one would be appriciated. I know it is crappy, but like I said, I was thinking of upgrading what is inside of it, if it needs it, which I was hoping I could be told haha.
  3. Of course! My prices are from NewEgg, and I'm sure ZipZoomFly'd have a little difference prices. That PC looks good, minus that the socket for the CPU is a Socket 754. This is getting a little dated and it will be harder to find an upgrade for it. The GPU isn't AS good, and I'm not 100% it can be upgraded. If you want to build, but have someone get you started, look at Monarch PC. Then go over to "BAREBONES". They have the Power Supply, the motherboard, and the processor. The motherboard is what everything plugs into.

    Let me start at the beginning. Every computer must have a case, all standard cases are in the ATX format. You want big to help airflow, not be cramped, and also for asthetic reasons.

    Then we have the Power Supply. Simply, this provides the power to all the parts. You USUALLY want higher wattages, but you want it from a good company. You should need a maximum of 500W, and that is a little overkill.

    Next is the motherboard. This is what everything plugs into. More on this later.

    Then we have the CPU, this is a big part of a computer. There are two major companies, and I overwhelmely recommend AMD over Intel. I also recommend the 939-pin socket. CPU's must be 939-pin to fit into a 939-pin motherboard. For AMD, you want about 2.0, 2.2GHz.

    Then is the GPU, there is only one major socket: PCI-e 16x. There are two companies, nVidia and ATI. They both are fast, and I stand by the 7600. They go from the $$ range to the $$$$.

    Then we have the drives, the CD Drives and the Hard Drive. Hard Drive is how much space you can use. 100GB+ is a good place to start. CD/DVD burner drives let you read and write on both DVDs and CDs. DL is a type of burning in which you put "two" layers of information on, usually doubling the amount of info available.

    Finally, we have the memory. This is exactly what is sounds like. It "remembers" what you use and uses it to quickly fetch information faster than a hard drive. The more memory, the more programs you use quicker.

    This is a very run-down version, about the basics. These topics go so much more in depth, but this should be good enough. If not, just respond, but I might not be available till tommorow early afternoon, sorry!

    On the desktop you choose, I gotta say nay. I think the newest eMachines might be a little better. I say nay for two major reasons:

    1)Not as fast as a homebuilt.
    2)Hard to upgrade.

    Nite, sorry for not being too in-depth!

  4. As my friend has told me, I am not the best person when it comes to putting together my own computer, I just got inspired when he did his own. I know that if I get help from him I can put the parts together, it just comes down to knowing what it is that I need to buy.

    I do like the look of the emachines, they just don't seem like the type of computer that would be reliable in the long run. I'd like to go with the first set up you gave me, but I'm told I should at least try and find something that is mostly built, that I don't have to try and guess on what I need.

    Thanks for the help heh.
  5. u know, with ur budget of 500-1000, u can custom built a really decent pc that can play all the latest games with max resolution (assuming 15 inch screen that u have).

    here is the specs that i would go for.
    msi k8n sli
    this makes ur system sort of future proof since u can upgrade to dual core processor and dual graphic card if u have the cash
    amd 3200+ socket 939
    even im using amd 3000+ and it still rocks
    160 gig maxtor hard drive 7200 rpm with at least 8mb cache
    about the size, it depends on u. but anyways, hard drive are really cheap now. try to get SATA or SATA2 depending on wat the mobo support
    1 gig ram pc 3200 and above
    1 gig is good enough. especially that u play sims. better to get 1 gig to avoid those lagginess.
    ati x800gto 256 mb ddr3 vram (very good budget g card cos it's got 16 pixel pipelines)
    this is considered a budget and really great card (i think) :P should cost around 187 USD.
    combo optical drive (dvd-rw dual and dvd ram writer)
    get this combo drive. can burn cd, dvd dual and dvd ram(8.5g of data) many brands out there. really cheap too. i am currently using pioneer brand. cost me about 50 USD.
    7.1 ch creative audigy sound card (cheap and good)
    again, this sound card is cheap and good. do avoid using the on board sound card because the sound is way to much echo. this card should cost u a mere 36 USD.

    so there u go, a great and affordable syste that can manage all the games out there. furthermore, it is kinda future-proof, which means that the mother board can support dual core processor and dual graphic card when u ha intent to upgrade in the future (which also means that if u wanna upgrade, u can keep ur old mobo, ram, optical drive and hard drive etc.)
  6. Quote:

    Advice on this one would be appriciated. I know it is crappy, but like I said, I was thinking of upgrading what is inside of it, if it needs it, which I was hoping I could be told haha.

    this acer system suck ass... dont get it...
    1) the sound card sucks
    2) the ram is too little
    3) i would never opt buying brand pc because they always jack up the price to make profits, custom build it yourself mate. u can get cheaper and better system
    4) the graphic card sucks big time
    5) u cant upgrade much on the system. because in the first place, the mobo doesnt support any good upgrades (like newer processor with 939 socket that can also support dual core processor as well as dual g card)

    lastly, dont buy that system really.
  7. If you aren't really wanting to build your own computer, I'd suggest Monarch PC above many other PC Manufacturers. Great Support, and the prices aren't that bad. There site is slightly hard to work through, so here is the cofigurator:

    I would plug in the items that me and invictus have given and throw in a 3-Year Warranty. If it seems hard to work through, see if you can get a someone on the Live Chat, they are on most days. Tell them some of the specs that we've given and your price range. Thanks!

  8. That would indeed be a nice, basic rig for the money...

    I officially concur! :-)
  9. "As my friend has told me, I am not the best person when it comes to putting together my own computer, I just got inspired when he did his own."

    Just be extra careful handling the cpu, and mounting cpu/heatsink-fan, , and mainboard (standoffs, etc..)

    Mem in correct slot(s), aux cpu pwr connected to mainboard header, etc...

    If you have not built at least one before, I'd get someone to oversee your efforts.
  10. Quote:
    ati x800gto 256 mb ddr3 vram (very good budget g card cos it's got 16 pixel pipelines)
    this is considered a budget and really great card (i think) Razz should cost around 187 USD.

    First, the x800gto does not have 16 pipelines stock. It has twelve, but some have been successfully unlocked to 16 through a bios flash, though it seems that the OP would not be interested in something like that. Secondly, the x800gto is around $100 shipped on newegg. It's a good budget card. Refer to the short list of the best gaming video cards for the money thread here at Tom's forumz for accurate information.
  11. Thank you all for the suggestions. I still might go with the latest eMachine model, but my question is should I upgrade anything inside of it?

    Like I said, I usually just play Maplestory, which has just a bit higher graphics than the Sims if you do not know Maplestory.
  12. Well, you might not even need to! Maple Story isn't a very demanding game, even after the Sims. You wouldn't still have the box for it, would you? The only sys. req. I can find for the game only say "D3D Support", but using the other specs. as context clues. The onboard 6100 GPU should be enough. If you want to Future-Proof yourself on a even better computer, I say this one over ANY budget computer, minus one you might build yourself:

    Dual-Core CPU, 2.2GHz, 2GB of RAM, LightScribe, under $800, a 256MB 6150LE, big-a$$ hard drive, it is pretty amazing. It also has a open PCI-e x16 slot, I'm unsure on the PSU.

    For about $150 you can get a bigger hard drive, a TV tuner w/ wireless remote, another DVD Burner, and a ATI Express 200 GPU. But I have to say that the 6150 GPU is faster...Your call!

  13. I put the requirements for MS in one of my posts. If not, you can find it under, cept you have to be using IE in order to get on the site. It is pretty basic from what my friend says.

    EDIT!! Yes, the first post I put gives you the highest requirements for Maple Story. I'm not a huge gamer yet as far as the PC goes, and MS is the only one I've really stuck with in the long run of things.
  14. Ah! I'm sorry, I thought that was the Sims or something. OK, then, I say go with the first PC I listed under Circuit City, but if you are a big entertainment fan, the latter PC would be better suited, but the GPU isn't as strong but that shouldn't make much a difference as the 6150, 6100, and Xpress200 are ALL 3D cards, very strong cards for that particular game and others with similar specs.

  15. Ok, let me toss you another question...or a couple.

    Would there be a laptop fit for the gaming requirements I have?

    And if so, would you prefer a PC or laptop? Why?
  16. All right, let me see if I can "catch" them. OK, freaking lame ,but I'm tired.

    I would think that most laptops would be able to suit you, but upgrading is a pain in the ass. GPU and CPU upgrading are almost out of question, IMHO. Memory, maybe...

    My official opinion:

    Whoops wrong button, anyways, I say NO to the laptop. They are not as fast for the price and would not be worth it! Still go with a Desktop...Sorry if I was blunt.

  17. Hah well thank you. I think that definately got the point across.
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