Your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (DNS

WTF does this error mean that the DNS server is not responding. according to the lovely people at DELL, this means I have to pay them 300 to get a software service package to fix this issue. please help :(
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  1. If this is a cable router and it has picked up settings from modem or adsl router, then try setting a static i.p on pc, sometimes dhcp fails.

    Settings for pc nic ..

    I.P = or <== or an i.p on same i.p range of router/modem
    Subnet =
    Gateway = or <== routers i.p
    DNS = or <== routers i.p

    Open command prompt as admin, and type ping 192.168.x.1 (gateway i.p)
    Should give you 4 replies, if it works, your home network is ok.

    If not, could be firewall or a setting on router, need more info on network setup.
  2. It would help if the description was in the desciption field and not cut off in the title...
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