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The question I have is to do with a three disk RAID 5 array...

One of the disks in the array has failed and I am now running in a degraded state. I have swapped this disk with three seperate spares however the RAID fails to rebuild. The second replacement I used did actually rebuild, then soon after failed again...

Why would this be, could it be that the SCSI controller is not operating correctly, if so how do I go about replacing it. Is it just a case of take the current one out and plug the new one in.

Many questions, but thanks for any suggestions, I am now praying I don't lose another disk (and my job...)

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  1. wusy nailed it!

    backup your data to 2 single good HDDs and Optical media or tape ASAP before the array degrades any more

    After you have the data safely off the array and you have verified that the data is in fact intact then you can proceed to debug further.

    You should never take chances with a degraded RAID array because it is no longer fault tolerant and a tiny mistake can become a huge problem and result in complete data loss.

    You could use the partimage ISO or Knoppix to partimage your data ( make an image of your HDD partition )
  2. Again, back up data to another secure location before anything else...
    What RAID controller are you using?
    Does it automatically rebuild array, or do you have to go into RAID BIOS and instruct it to rebuild?
    The failed drive(s), did you try to reformat them and determine if they actually at fault and showing errors in order to rule out controller failure?
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