Problem connecting SB Audigy2 Platinum to Z-5500 digitally

I can't seem to be able to make it work, either with optical or with coaxial cable. Any tips would be appreciated. Right now they are connected with the "direct" analog cables
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  1. Nothing is greyed out. There's just no sound coming from the speakers when they are connected to the sound card digitally
  2. you have tried to change the "Input" right...its the button on the far left, once pressed it will say "Detecing", i'm sorry if this might insult you but just checking

    i'm very interested b/c i'll be getting an X-Fi Xtreme soon and will be looking for connect it digitally to my Z-5500 speakers also
  3. The Input is fine. I have connected the speakers to my iMac using the optical digital cable and they work just fine. It's just the Audigy I'm having trouble with since neither of the two digital connections produce any sound. It's very likely something I'm not doing right but I can't figure it out. I've re-checked everything 3-4 times and still nothing
  4. I'm not sure if the iMac has something like this, but Microsoft Windows has a mode in the sound options of the control panel called "enable digital output" which toggles on/off digital or analog output.
  5. Have you downloaded the latest drivers? I was having some trouble with my X-Fi and when checking Creative's site, found a driver download labeled "critical". After downloading that, my card worked a lot better.
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