Intel Pentium 4's question about PRESCOTS

Hello everyone,

I know Prescotts are old but they are the real deal for me since MONEY does matter and right now I am out of every thing.

So I want to ask how much heat does a Prescott 2.0 Ghz generate and what about 2.8 Ghz Prescott? See..the problem is that I bought Compaq Presario 2500 series laptop 2 years ago, it came with Intel Celeron processor 2.8 Ghz. It was really very slow so I did a little research and the celeron turned out to be a Prescott, so my guess was what if I use a Prescott P4 processor in the same laptop.

I contacted HP support, I got hands on the document about release of 2500 series in Asia. It was written there that this model can also be configured from P4 prescott 2.4 Ghz to 2.8 Ghz, so I got hands on Prescott 2.8 Ghz and fixed it in this machine. It ran fast but after sometime, I am facing a few obvious problems.

Heating issue. The fan is on 24x7, that's not a problem with me. It gets very hot and its sort of very slow and JAMMED sort of after a few hours of continous work. So I was wondering what if I use a Prescott 2.0 Ghz processor in it? It should run cool I think but will it be as fast...........*sigh*

Laptop prices is big issue in my country, Pakistan which is. They are not cheap at all here...

Can someone also tell me how much the laptop retailers profit from each laptop. Say for example Acer laptop. How much does a retail seller or any other seller profits in each laptop they sell? I want to see if the retailers of my country are making huge profits or its the customs.

What if I use Mobile Intel P4 Prescott 2.66 Ghz - 2.8 Ghz. Will they generate same heat and use same power as the Desktop P4 if I run the Mobile P4 processor on ALWAYS ON mode, disabling Intel SpeedStep.
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  1. Hi,
    the Precotts are slow and their performance/price ratio is not the best. I think that the Athlon64(3000+ and the 3200+) is the most worth when comparing performance/price. There are mobile versions, Turion64 and Athlon64 but they will not fit in your notebook.
    There is no Prescott 2.0GHz, the slowest model is the 2.4GHz one.
    The Celeron is P4 with less cache and HT disabled.
    Anyway the performance depends on many factors, like what is the rest of the hardware you have and what apps you are using.
    Maybe you have insufficient RAM.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have got 512 mb of RAM and Prescot used to be in 2.0 Ghz. I have it on a desktop computer since last 3-4 years! It goes say PRESCOT when I run CPU-ID on it.

    From what I have seen on sites like Toms Hardware and Notebook reviews, performance of AMD's mobile processor is not superior like Intel Centrino/Centrino DUO so if I ever get money I will go for Intel Duo/Intel Single Core laptop.
  3. yeap, it is true, not only what tomshardware sites are saying.
    I have 2 notebooks HP Compaq and compared them a lot for different tasks. The one has Turion64 ML-34 (Lancaster)1.8GHz 1MB L2, and the other Pentium M 760 Centrino (Dothan) 2GHz 2MB L2.
    The Dothan is faster clock for clock, but is more expencive. So when money matters I think that the Turion64 is more worth when comparing performance/clock.
    If you plain to buy new notebook in future I guess the Intel Merom will be the best choice for performance and for the money.
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