Water cooling help!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking of installing a water cooling system that would loop through the CPU GPU and possibly the RAM. Anyone know which one would be the best choice to be first in the loop (when the water is the coolest) and which one should be last in the loop (when the water is the hottest)?????????
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  1. People tend to go for gravity, cpu is highest and then work down.
  2. the order of the loop does not matter what so ever as long as you make sure the pump isn't pumping into the res or the t line and that you keep the tubing in the most natural route as possible

    LOL at gravity, what goes up must come down, it doesn't matter
  3. If you worry about the heated water going to another component, then get another radiator. Okay starts from the pump to the cpu then to the secondary rad then to the gpu then the rams and back to the primary rad and reservoir. I got mine that way having four rads between the cpu and two gpu for better cooling.
  4. 1 rad is optimum and in a usual loop, adding more than oen actually hurts performance rather than help it

    water has a high specific heat and barely heats up when thermal energy is put into it
  5. Mine is not hurting at all, matter of fact got down to 5c lower now that I have 4 rads altogether. As long as the pump is powerful enough to get the flow going it should be fine. That or get them 3x120mm fan radiator if cooling cpu, gpu and ram, you could even include the chipsets. :D
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