Windows 7 home premium + old Sims Games=frustration

HI so im getting extremely frustrated trying to play my old sims games (simtower, copter, safari, city,etc) on windows 7. I have home premium, 8g ram, and more than enough space for them but i cant seem to find a way to get them to work. when i load a disc it says that its not compatible with the x64 bit. virtual pc from windows isnt available for my system, and i cant figure out virtual box. i dont have any of the old windows discs and wouldnt know how to have two OS on one comp anyways. i dont want to upgrade because its far to expensive. can someone help please? i dont know what im doing... :cry:
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  1. having two OS isnt that difficult tbh. if ou want i can make a simple guide on how to
  2. Where do i geet windows xp from? i dont really wanna buy it. is there another way to just play the games?
  3. would you mind making a how to guide? iv given up on trying to figure it out on my own. thanks
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