Computer Powers Up, Nothing on Screen

Hi, semi-newbee to system building. About a year a go, built my very first computer, specs below:

Asus P5GD1 mobo
Intel LG775 540 3.2 GHz cpu
*Replaced stock cpu heatsink/fan with the Big Typhoon
ATI x700 pci-e vid card
2 GB Corsair Value Ram
200 gig Maxtor Ultra ATA HD
160 gig Maxtor Ultra ATA HD
Cooler Master 600W psu
Samsung 16x +- DVD R/RW
Generic floppy drive
2 low power generic case fans
1 Led generic case fan

Here's my problem right now, was running a 450W generic psu this morning when nothing boot up and running. So I went out a bought the new Cooler Master 600W psu and now the system powers up, seems like everything is running, but it doesn't boot up and even the cd-rom drive tray won't even eject.

Please help with any inputs.

Thanks a lot, VERY much appreciated!!!
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  1. Try doing a CMOS Reset (aka BIOS reset). Remove the battery for a few mins if you can't find the jumper.

    If that doesn't work, then its time for standard system troubleshooting:

    Unplug and remove things until you have CPU, 1 RAM stick, Video.

    If it doesn't boot then, pull the video card. Does the system complain (beep) that there's no video?

    Replace the video & pull the RAM. Does it complain there's no RAM?

    Hopefully its one of those 2.

  2. Thanks a lot for the reply, I swapped out everything in my system and narrowed it down to the motherboard, its going to get RMA'ed within the next couple of days...thanks a lot again.
  3. My son has the same problem. His CPU fan lost a blade and was vibrating loudly. We bought a new fan number c47zm700bcu. The fan was installed and the PC would not boot up. We installed the original fan and the PC booted fine. After about 2 days, we purchased another fan that matches the original exactly. My son installed the fan. The computer started normally. Then the other day, the computer would not boot. The HDD LED lit up and stays on, the DVD drives are inop...led on cannot open drive trays, the fans came on, the power supply came on and its fan came on, but the systems would not boot up...nothing on the video monitor either. W checked the power supply voltages and all were present..-12vdc, 12vdc, 5vdc, -5vdc and the common(ground) is good. We then replaced the motherboard with a new one from Wireless Hut. It is an ECS motherboard with a Athalon 64 processor. The other motherboard was also an ECS with an Athalon XP 2800+ . The system has the same symptoms. Fans come on, powersupply comes on, HDD LED comes on and stays on, the DVD drives are inop...led on cannot open drive trays.

    Any ideas?
  4. ECS motherboards are not known for high reliability.

    And about your PSU:
    There's a grey wire (pin 8) that sends a control signal to the motherboard. That pin should go to about 5 volts within a half second of powering up. Monitor the pin with a voltmeter, press the power switch, and it should go to 5 volts. Motherboard needs that signal to boot. Without this control signal, your system will not boot even if all the power outputs are present.
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