Anyone know a Hong Kong virtual number provider?

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I am looking for a company that can provide me with a virtual number
in Hong Kong that will forward to my FWD IP phone here.
I know Lingo has this service, but it's part of their rate plan.. I
just need a virtual number, no outbound calling minutes.
Anyone has any idea?

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  1. Here you go
    HK Virtual Number Provider
  2. Try they have a very competative price and good network.
  3. Try They have HK Virtual number. So far, I pretty am satisfied with my Virtual Number good connection and affordable.
  4. offers local VoIP DID Virtual Phone Numbers. A low cost voip virtual international telephone number with free incoming calls and call forwarding.
  5. Hi guys :)
    You can try and get a virtual number in 90 countries with Call Forwarding (Virtual Number) to Mobile / Landline and to Skype (like Skypein numbers)
    Good Luck
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