MSI Neo4-F vs Platinum : any performance differences ?

I am looking to buy a new computer. It will be an Athlon 64 3200+. Reading on the net, I found many good reviews on the MSI Neo4-F and the Platinum one. However, the price differences make me look on the Neo4-F side. I know that the Platinum has SATA2 and Firewire and not the Neo4-F side, but I am not interested in those features. So, the question is :

Is there a performance difference (benchmarks, framerates while playing game, etc., etc.) between a system based on the MSI Neo4-F and the Neo Platinum one ? (no overclocking)

Thank you for your time and your advices
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  1. if there is a preformance difference it is very little. but if you want to overclock. DFI Infinity.
  2. I have a K8N Neo4-F, and it is a nice board, issue free, utterly stable at stock clocks...

    My own board is not much of an OC capable board though, as it does not appear to like the FSB much higher than about 215-220 Mhz, regardless of lower mem ratio(s), lower HTT multiplier, cpu core voltage, lower cpu multiplier, NF4 voltage, etc...


    At stock clocks, it has never frozen or bluescreened....period.

    If not into overclocking, I think it is a nice, inexpensive board.

    (There are several other nice NF4 boards out there that will overclock, however!)
  3. Quote:
    if there is a preformance difference it is very little. but if you want to overclock. DFI Infinity.

    Correct. MSI makes decent motherboards... and they don't like to overclock. Aside from what you mentioned, the only real difference is the chipset (hence the different feature set). The Neo4 F uses the Neo4 chipset and the Platinum uses the Neo4 Ultra. Similarly configured, their performance should also be quite similar. If you want to overclock, look elsewhere. If you don't overclock, and the feature set fits your requirements, you'll be very happy with the MSI Neo4 F.
  4. I have had the Platinum for about a week now and have had no issues whats so ever. Can't say as how well it overclocks, haven't attempted yet, but will soon. Will report what I get when I'm done.
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