Need some help with my CPU usage


Upon loading up, the only starup application is Zone alarm. When my pc sits idle at desktop. my usage is at 60%+, is this common. Just sitting here typing away in Toms it's at a steady 83%. I have nothing else running. Can anyone tell me why my CPU is being taxed so high? I'm using Active CPU to monitor it.

Athlon 'C' gig overclocked 145x9 for 1314mhz
Iwill KK266
256mb Mushkin PC133 Cas2 Sdram

These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary.
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  1. There may be other processes running that you don't know about. Check out Start menu -> Run -> msconfig and also the Startup folder in the Programs section.
    I haven't taken a look at only ZoneAlarm running, though.

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  2. Here's a strange bit, The only program in my startup checked is my zonealarm stuff, even unchecked systray and taskmon. Staring at a desktop, nothing open, says 60%+ used. I open up a little mpg file :-) om media player, usage drops to about 15%. Got me. I'll just keep running her. I can't figure it out.

    These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary.
  3. Possibly Windows and its "hog the memory" habit.

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  4. Yeah, there's something completely wrong with that one.

    Sounds like you might have a 'trojan' running somewhere. Even with the Zonealarm running. Unless you bought that program 'commercially', you might start backing up things, and figure you'll have to check them with a virus scanner before you try to use them again AFTER your hd format.
  5. I have win2k and it starts at 0%

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  6. Me too, 'cept when I move my mouse, then it jumps up to 3%. That's why I'm thinking 20%+ is whacked.

    There's something else amiss. Could be if you have a 'compressed' drive and it's still loading stuff into memory/swap file.
  7. That happens to me too. The mouse to 3% thing. Over 20% i would only assume would be when a game is running. Or when you are opening apps or something like photoshop or anything like that.

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