WMP9 seems to be shot

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Rightly, this post should go to a media group, but there doesn't seem to be
many answers being given to the questions, so I thought I'd try here first.

My WMP 9 on IE6 is stuttering, skipping, speeding up, slowing down, in all
formats. It's a mess.

This happens with both audio and video streaming as well as playback of CDs
or downloaded A or V files.

Things tried that didn't help:

reinstalled IE6. Sp1
reinstalled WMP on top of the old
made certain no other a/v programs running
removed all listed process except systray,
made certain WMP associations were correct (selected "all")
reinstalled my nVidia drivers
reinstalled Java (just in case)
reduced the video/audio accel to none
changed the buffer rate from auto to 60sec
changed the download speed from auto, down, then up to T1
(my download speed is 4-5 mbytes)
checked all BIOS setting
checked size of swap file
cleaned all temp folders
checked mode of HDDs: UDMA5
checked all drivers to make certain they are installed/working: according to
Everest and Sandra, everthing is looking good.

still, no change: WMP playback drops frames, --the audio visualizations work
well though.

Since I was trying to play an MP3, I installed Winamp to give it a go.

Amazingly, the mp3 downloaded file played back perfectly. (Does that tell
us anything?)

Went back to WMP: skipping, stuttering, sudden increase or decrease of
speed--still, same mess.

On wmv, mpeg, avi files, besides the other problems, there is a color chage.
It starts out ok but within a second, changes to a near solarization effect.
Interestingly, this happens on Infranview as well.

A fix for that effect on WMP is to uncheck the advanced properties for
playback of legacy video.

The fix for that on Infranview is to start another copy of the program
running at the same time as the first.
The first still has the problem, but on the 2nd, the color is fine. It also
doesn't stutter as much as WMP.

All the WMP problems, bth a/v, happen close enough together to make the WMP
playback, totally unusable.

I'm at a loss.

I am using a new ABIT NF7S, v2 board, with an AMD 1.2 gig processor and the
latest nVidia video & audio drivers.

I thought it'd be a driver problem, except WinAMPs playback of the MP3 file
sounds great.

Any ideas?

Bob T
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  1. If WinAmp is working fine, then use that. If I remember, if there was a check-box for "make this the default player" or not. I would assume there is. Its been eons since Ive used 98. If you need WMP9, then try from another source (if on CD, check for scratches, fingerprints, etc).
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