Watercooling Rig Plan- Please Check

Ok, well i am designing my wc rig plans for my current system. Which is:
a8n-sli premium Asus mobo
AMD 64 X2 3800+ manchester
Corsair XMS 2x 512 1gigabyte dualchannel
Evga 7800GT CO SE (stock overclocked)

Now this is the watercooling rig i have researched and want to Put in place
Case: Thermaltake Kandalf

Pump: Swiftech 655

CPU Block: Swiftech Storm Rev2

GPU Block+ ram sinks: DD maze 4 + OCZ copper ram sinks

Radiator + Fans: Black Ice III extreme
Thermaltake Smart LED 120mm

Tubing+ Clamps: 3603 1/2id 3/4od Tygon(thinking 8feet?. not sure)
Reuseable plastic clamps

Swifttech micro Highflow Resivor

Cooling Liquid:
Fluid XP+ extreme

ok thats it.
I know i need shrouds and Whatnot, but i think thats adaquite. The thing i am not sure on is will i see that much of a difference with the black ice III as i would with a black ice II. I mean mounting the Black Ice III is a bitch.
I am hoping to hit good temperatures with this setup. If anyone can comment please do thanks.
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  1. If you want to go for the black ice 3 then do it but the only thing you'll realize after doing it is how loud 3 fans through your radiator wil be. About 1 month ago I bought a Thermochill HE duaL 120MM Radiator for about $115, and it performs Very Well, however it is stil a little bit annoying even though I have the fans hooked up to my fan controller on the lowest settings. So unless sound isnt a concern for you then go for the extra performance and get the ICE III but I'm warning you, it will be a little loud, even if you have a fan controller.

    Also its not that hard to mount a triple 120mm radiator. All you have to do is get a Rad Box and screw it hook one siode up the the "middle 120mm radiator, and then hook up the other side to your 120mm exhaust case fan on the back of your chassis.
  2. I wasnt concerned with external mounting i was really concerned with Internal mouting. I wanted the beast to be inside my case, less Noise there.
  3. For your x2 3800+ you dont really need expensive watercooling like that. You could get a CoolerMaster Aquagate Mini or a Zalman cnps9500. It doesnt require extreme cooling to overclock that processor.
  4. i want something that i will have for along time not something just to go with this system
  5. corsair nautilus 500
  6. the nautilus is anicent, Also i am proably upgrading to an AM2 so i want something to be here for a while, but do you think i would be fine with just a Black Ice II
  7. If mounting a radiator internally, you'll want to try to separate the air flow going through the radiator from your other components, unless the fans are blowing out, otherwise you'll be heating up your chipset and videocard. If mounting the radiator horizontally on the top of your case with the use of a bezel, the sound of the fans will become more of an issue. I'm using a Silverstone TJ07B case for one of my rigs. The bottom portion of the case is separated and is holding the radiator; the fans blow from the right side to the left and are very quiet in this orientation.

    I have 2 watercooled rigs using Danger Den components and one using Aqua Computer. The Liang D5 pump that you have specificied for your setup can flow a lot, but they tend to whine at the highest settings. One of mine whines at lower speeds than the other, so I might be just unlucky.

    Another thing you may consider is getting a Black Ice Pro III and not the Extreme, because the Pro is more effective with low speed fans.

    Good luck with your build, don't rush it and leak check without your hardware in the case if possible.
  8. A couple of points.

    Don't buy from Frozen CPU. They are more expensive than they have a right to be, usually overpriced by 50% to 100%.

    Fluid XP is a waste of money, unless you plan on having leaks.

    Get at least 10 feet of tubing, you won't regret it.

    Don't get plastic clamps. Only use metal banded worm clamps, they will last and they will clamp guaranteed. I have heard one too many horror stories of people who have used plastic clamps only to have them snap after a few months.

    Try looking into the PA120.x series.(PA120.2 should cool your setup very nicely.) They are, from what I have heard, the best performing low CFM rads available, and they perform very well.

    If you want low noise fans look into the Yate Loon D12SL-12, Panaflo M1 at ~6v, Nexus.... If you can stand more noise, Deltas at 5v or 7v are relativly quite and very effective.

    I will PM you links to other sites that have wider user base with WCing experience.
  9. ok cool the raidiator is a bit expensive $106, but if you say its will make a huge difference. And what about http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811999127 as a fan instead of the Smart LED. This one only runs at 21 db and 78CFM
    That PM would be great with reliable Watercooling suppliers.
    Also What temperature do you think i could reach with this setup and that processor (just a educated guess)
  10. I did not say it would make a huge differenece. I said it performed very well and was the best at low CFM.

    About the fans, it is not the CFM that really matters, it is the static pressure that the fan can generate that matters. You are going to have to pull a slight vacuum on one side of the radiator and have atmospheric pressure push the air through. Unless you go out and buy a squirle cage fan (think turbine) which makes a ridiculous amount of noise.

    The PM I sent you has links to other sites that you may find helpful.

    I try not to guess on temperatures except very broadly. I would say, depending on many, many factors, you should see better than 40C as the absolute worst case.

    EDIT: Spelling
  11. i am so confused even after looking at alot of data. right now i feel like cooling my system with blood lmao.
  12. Just think if I had given you everything I had on WCing. :)

    I suggest you take a few weeks and read through some of the stickies I mentioned. After that post some questions you have on whatever forum you choose.

    You need to think about what you really want out of WCing.

    If you want:

    Performance cooling

    Then you are going to have a tough time. ($$$) If you want two out of the three it will be more reasonable. If you really only want one then you can make it quite cheaply. (I did.)
  13. the best deals are at the Sharka website heres the link, all they deal in is mostly liquid cooling for computers they have water blocks for things you dont even need cooled by water. So far this is the best website i have found for water cooling, have anything and everything, you name it, they got it.

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