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I may have asked this question in the past, but these things change fast
:) I am very close to deploying a VoIP solution in a location where many
users are Sales people, utilizing almost exclusively their (very
expensive) cell phone services, even inside the building, and I was looking
into the possibility of having them "hop" onto a WiFi VoIP infrastructure
when "in". The only solution I found, coming close to this, is from Europe
(who is light years ahead of US in this regard), with a GSM-gateway, but I
am not really sure how much that would save us here in the States. Of course
the best solution would be a phone capable of doing that, but I am not
aware of any production-ready solutions ...

.... anybody?!?

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    I wish I knew more about GSM picocells.
    We have one at work but I haven't poked it.

    I'm not holding my breath for a combo phone.

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    Nokia make a corporate GSM gateway AFAIK - it may cost something like
    $5-10,000 but I believe it does exist.
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