Newbie building a gaming rig, could u guys lend a hand??

I've always bought complete systems. However, this time around I want to build it myself to get the best performance for the price.

Here's what I'm thinking so far (around $3500 AUD/$2600US i think). I'm trying to go for a good gaming system that won't need to be upgraded much for a few years. Haven't o/c before but want to do some moderate o/c.

Current specification of my air cooled gaming rig is:

Case: Thermaltake Kandalf or Armour
Mobo: DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR
PSU: Silverstone ST60F 600W/Thermaltake 680W Pure Power ATX
CPU: AMD Opteron 64 170 (possibly 180) Dual Core Processor
Cooler: Zalman CNPS 9500 LED Cooler
Grease: Arctic Silver 5

RAM: Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3500LL Pro TwinX (2x1GB) CAS2
GPU: XFX Geforce GTX 512Mb

HDD1: Western Digital Raptor 150GB WD1500ADFD
HDD2: Western Digital 320GB SATA-II 16MB Cache
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
DVD: Sony 16x DVD

If anyone has any thoughts on better value kit or even better performance kit, I would be greatful for the advice. I'm in Australia so it's the a$$ end on nowhere when it comes to parts, so we don't get all the components that u do overseas.

Will be using this to run lots of games, multi-tasking, music, etc.
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  1. Looks like a great setup. My only suggestion would be to drop the Zalman HSF. The Opteron's stock HSF will be able to handle just about any "moderate" o/c you throw at it. Unless you can only buy the processor OEM, stick with the stock cooler -- it's a quality HSF.
  2. instead of going with one 150 gig raptor, why not get two 74gigs and put them in a raid 0, easy to do and you get better proformance and the same ammout of space for storage, super fast start up times is always good and great for games too, only put programs and os on it so it will stay clean and run properly, everything else looks great, and for moderate oc'ing you do not need another heatsink, the stock will cool for oc'ing of a 170 up to and around 2.6GHz with ease, save the money and put it to something else you want like a opty 180. :x :P
  3. Go with the 170. You can get a much higher oc on them then the 180.
  4. What sort of speeds can an o/c 170/180 get on air cooling from their stock speeds?
  5. So the 170 could get to 2.2 Ghz - 2.4Ghz and the 180 could get to 2.6 - 2.8Ghz?

    So in your opinion prozac what would b the better option?
  6. moderate OC'ing-200-400MHz
  7. Quote:



    dang ....

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