Faulty 512 graphics card????

hey guys,
i just recently built my long awaited computer, and after installing all the drivers from the cds provided i was all ready to test out the graphics card with a game, game of choice: splinter cell pandora tomorrow (dont ask me why).
the graphics wer not bad, but thats not the problem here, a few minutes in, after watching the intro the game would freeze, the sound would keep going, but after 5 seconds it too would stop, leaving my screen with a "no signal" msg.
i restart my comp, it seemed as if nothing happened.
i then tried the next game i had on me, condition zero, and while watching the intro, the sound and picture would skip for about 5 seconds, then turn off, also leaving me with a "no signal" msg.
i dont know what the problem is, could it be the graphics card? i have read that alot of people have had problems with ati cards.
i dont know if this helps but, i was able to watch tv, movies, without any problems, only is it with games that the comp plays up.

here are my comp specs:
amd athlon 64 3700+ socket 939,
asus proactive a8n5x motherboard,
gecube ati radeon x1300 pro 512mb ddr2,
1gb ddr ram,
200gb hd,
500w power supply,

hope sum1 can help
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  1. Try updating your motherboard drivers to the latest and your Ati drivers also, or try the Omega Divers for the graphics.
  2. Yes, update all the hardware drivers on your computer actually, there could be a number of problems that you can have. Try updating windows to the fullest as well.
  3. thx for the help guys,
    i took my comp bak to the shop, and we tested if it was the rams problem, by replacing my ram with high end corsairs, and there was the same problem.
    so next, we tried changing the psu, putting in a high end antec, and there was still a problem, so then we changed the graphics card, the problem was gone, so now they guys ordered me a new one, and if the same problem happens, il jus get a different card all together, if u guys could recommend a good graphics card 256+ for around $200 AU.

    thx again
  4. btw,
    apparently, certain motherboards just dont like certain graphics cards.
    which in this case could be my problem.
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. I would reccomend the 256 mb ATI X1800XT for you my friend. Even though, lke prozac said, i have no idea what AU is...
  6. I think AU dollars are worth less than US dollars, although a few more months with the Federal Reserve printing money like there is no tomorrow should take care of that disparity! :-)
  7. I would recomend a 6600GT or X1600XT for about $200AUS. What state do you live in?
    Have a look through here.

    Scorptec - Video cards list.
    U Mart

    OzPrice Guide
    Static Ice

    @ prozac26
    $200AUS is about $120US
  8. im from melbourne, those shops are around here arent they? my uncle bought a comp from msy recently.
    well, the guys ordering my new x1300 atm, il wait till friday, if the card he ordered still has problems, il consider one of those u guys mentioned, if it does work, then i guess im sticking with it.
  9. Panda Computers

    A mate recomends them also, in Melbourne.
    Scorptec is in Melbourne also.

    U Mart is in Brisbane (stores) and NSW (online).

    If you want to find others go down to the Newsagency and grab a copy of the Computer Market mag. plenty of shops advertise in there.
  10. You just put this thing together? Sounds like it might even be a power supply issue to me.

    Just because it's new doesn't mean it works...
  11. I've had a problem similar to this on a different build. Pretty much did what you did (cept i don't take it to a shop). I replaced the power supply and all was good.
  12. eh its all good now,
    decided to buy a different card.
    ati radeon x850pro.
    much better

    :D :D :D :D
  13. Sweet :D

    Do you want to unlock to XT specs?
  14. sure??
    what is that, is that gonna void the warrenty or anything?
  15. btw,
    i got the latest omega driver, could u help me set the settings, so i can get the best out of my card. and do anything else that could make it perform better??? remembering i dont wanna overclock it or void the warrenty.
  16. Quote:
    what is that, is that gonna void the warrenty or anything?

    Warranty, yes it will void it, don't worry about it then.

    Set your basic screen resolution ect.
    Just leave the default settings that load with the Omega drivers.
    Any eye candy (AA/AF) set them in game if you want them.
    AtiTool get the latest beta, you can control fan settings aswell as overclock a small percentage, unless you fry the thing with huge OCing they shouldn't be able to tell.

    I would like to see some benckmark scores also, be a good comparison of the different systems.
  17. hmmm,
    they wont be able to notice?
    ok tell me what to do. and il see if it sounds safe.
    AA/AF? whats that.
    and benchmark scores, i downloaded 3dmark06, if thats the program u use,
    il test my card now...
  18. 1 Aussie $ is worth 75 or so US cents.
  19. Im in Australia aswell and all I see under $200 is:

    1.SAPPHIRE X1600-Pro 256meg PCIx MODEL : X1600 Pro 256MB TV-Out CrossFire™ Support - $199
    2.The X700 series - $150 - 270
    3.The 6600 series - $130 - 270
    4.LEADTEK PX7600-GS 256meg DDR2 PCI Express HDTV-out / Dual link DVI-I/ Single link DVI-I.

    Aussie prices are shit. An X1800XT costs $750
  20. How can I overclock my video card?
    How can I check if my overclock is stable?
    AtiTool - Get the beta version.

    Have a read through these for starters, check out the video section.
    They only give a basic run down. I'll see what else I can find.

    Anti-Aliasing/Anisotropic Filtering (AA/AF) - they make the picture look nicer, but slow down performance.

    I use 3D Marks 05 and 03.
    3D Marks 06 kills my system.
  21. ATITool Documentation Wiki
    Have a read through the different sections from here.
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