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I can't decide if I want to buy the 500w Enermax Liberty or the Hiper Type-R PSU. I like both because they're modular and presleeved, but I was wondering which one was quiter and who has the better performance. If anyone can give some opinion or information it would be helpful.
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  1. I have the Enermax Liberty 500. I replaced an Antex TruePower550 with it. The Antec was only a 20 pin for my 24 pin MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum. I like the Liberty. 2 * 22amp 12 volt rails and voltages seem more consistent than with the Antec. The modularity is a real nice feature too. Per your question however, the Antec was noticeably quieter. This isn't to say that the Liberty is loud. Only that I could tell a difference.

    I've always liked both brands with Enermax being my favorite though generally more expensive too. The Liberty is a very nice PSU. Well made, nicely packaged and it performs quite well.

    I've no experience with Hiper so others will need to comment on that one.
  2. I've got the Hiper 580w Type-R and it is quieter than my old Antec TP 2.0 550w, which blew up on me. It also has a open "mesh" style casing which means it runs cooler at lower fan speeds than closed casing PSU's, and the modular cables look awesome in my case, if aesthetics are something you value. It hasn't had any trouble with voltage and my system hasn't had any random reboots since I installed it two months ago and I do my fair share of hardcore gaming.

    I'd highly recommend the Hiper, but I have heard good things about the Liberty as well, so either would be a good choice.
  3. This article may help you decide.
  4. yeah I read that article but I wanted some more opinions also and if the psus were loud or not.
  5. Antec NeoHE series.
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