Reading of CD/DVD disc's switching from 1 user to the next..

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After installing xp pro with sp2 I am having a problem when I insert a CD or
DVD disc the drive can not read them. Clicking on the drive a prompt appears
asking to insert a disc - but it is in (copies or originals).
I'm having to log off and log onto other users to find which one will read
the disc's.
all users are administartors.
anyt thoughts how to fix this.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?)

    Hm... maybe you could try this one:
    In device manager (right click my computer > properties > Hardware tab >
    Device manager) remove all the CD drives (delete them) and restart.

    Was SP2 slipstreamed on your XP Pro? SP2, when is it installed normally can
    be such a problem.... (I'm telling you this from my personal experience). If
    this doesn't work try reinstalling with SP2 integraded installation of XP or
    you can wait because the patch WILL be released...
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