Bios wont let me access cpu settings

i've been trying to OC my CPU but whenever i enter the bios i can't access the
any of the CPU options. im using a P4 Northwood 1.6GHz with a ASUS P4S533. i've updated the bios to the newest version but i still can get it to let me access the options. any body know why and how to fix it?
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  1. Is this a boxed computer such as Compaq, Dell... etc? If so they lock the CPU settings so that you can't OC it. Can you please list all your specs and who the builder is?
  2. it was bought from a computer store call priemer computers canada, but the strange thing is that before i was able to access the options but now i can't.

    Asus P4S533
    P4 1.6 GHz (Northwood)
    2x 128mb DDR
    Asus FX5600
    1x Maxtor 200GB
    1x Maxtor 80GB

    *Also my hard drive (the 200GB) is only being recognized as 130GB not worryed bout that now but if u have an easy soloution for that too that would be great
  3. reset the bios to default and if that dosent work clear the cmos and i bet u can get back into it, msg me if that dont work and ill help u troubleshoot.
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