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Hi all,

I wonder if there is any free services out on the internet other than ShoutCast and StreamWebTown that I can use to broadcast my radio stream by means of a server relaying it onto the internet?

I want to broadcast an audio device on my computer (A MP3 player connected to microphone port) out to the internet, but I want it to be relayed through a server instead of clients connecting directly to my computer as my internet connection may not be sufficient to support the number of connections.

I use Windows Media Encoder 9. Streaming a MP3 player on 36.98Kbps with codec of Windows Media Audio 9.2
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  1. 3 days...36 hours...31 views at time of post...still no answer...? please help ASAP
  2. I've called for an ASAP help, still no reply! please help!
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