10K rpm Raptor heat/noise question

Ok so I havent upgraded my pc in a long time but I got a raise at work and a bonus so I went nuts and tried to get all the best crap based on a little research.

My question is this: I purchased (2) Western Digital Raptor HDD's for a home theater pc that I am trying to keep very quiet. I read that these can get hottier and noisier than other drives. Can anyone let me know a way to possibly cool them and keep them quiet?

I am going to adapt my water cooling system to this pc and it has limited space. Wiht the 2 10k raptors and my water cooling I wont have any 5.25 bays free for a hdd internal inclosure. Do I even need additional cooling for these? Anyone having experience with these drives I would appreciate your advice.

The following are the other items I went with:

(1)Silverstone st56f psu (560watt/dual 12v rails)
(1) Asus A8R32-CrossFire 3200 MB
(1) Opteron 170 (to be oc'd a bit)
(2) 1GB OCZ Platinum xtc pc 4000
(1) ATI x1900 cf edition (got it cheaper than an xt and get 2nd card later)
(2) Western Digital 10k rpm Raptor (for Raid 0)

I was going to go sli all the way with 7900gt but swiched at the last minute after reading a bit more thinking the ati would have better image quality for my home theater/projector for games and movies.
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  1. oops I didnt see the HDD section. I moved this topic there.
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