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Hey y'all

I recently have a geforce 6800 gt by bfg and I want to run the game elders scrolls at 1280x1024 I know i have enough machine for this yet the game kicks me and tells me my video card is not receiving enough power. I have an antec smartpower 450 powersupply in there yet it still happens. Can someone help?
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  1. post all your system specs please
  2. Yes all system specs including the manufacturer of your PSU and the amps on the 12V line.
  3. Not receiving enough power? As far as I know, a marginal power supply won't give you this error message, but forgetting to plug a power cable (4 pin for AGP, 6 pin for PCI Express) into the card will.

    Antec smart power 450 works well for me with 2 160GB hard drives, 1 DVD-ROM, 2GB memory, GEForce 6800GS, and an Audigy 2 sound card.
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