Overheating P4 3.0 800FSB HT

CPU is running at 78 Playing a game called Everquest. And thats all thats running. System has 2GB of RAM and X800 XT Video Card on a Intel 865 PERLL Motherboard. Also Using an INWIN Case Intel Certified. It is running in red zone when using intel active monitor. Also it is a Retail CPU using a Intel Retail Fan. As soon as i open a second EQ window Poof computer reboots CPU overheating. Any Ideas to correct this? Should it be running this Hot?

Thank you in advance..

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  1. That's HOT!!!, probably the HSF is not sitting correctly, may want to reinstall that and put some artic silver 5 thermal paste.
  2. man that's a hot cpu, for shure that's the hsf not seating right or a thermal not appropriate i have one a those and on stock coolling i would run on 57/60 degrees no more on heavy charge i trade my cooler for a zalman 7000cu and my temps on idle go on 36 on a cool day up to 40 on a hot day in up to 50/52 on full load, so there's something wrong there on your side :S
  3. Sitting Idle it runs at 62. When im logged in RDP and on forums..

  4. you forgot to mention ..the type of your cpu ..my friend....
    if it is a 478 prescott..i would not worry about it...unless you have it normally installed (heatsink and stuff)..that one is very hot

    if it is a 775..that`s very hot for a 775...a 775 1 or 2 m cache cpu 90nm is quite cool.......arround 35...45 degrees....in most applications...

    i reckon you have a 478 old p4 ..... considering your other components...
    .....i have used 865 on lga too.....
  5. Aye im sorry it is a 478 3.0GHZ 800MHz 1 Meg Cache HT CPU
  6. that temperature is normal for this type of cpu.......altough you better take the cooler out and clean it a little from time to time
  7. I had that one year ago, and it runs ~45C with stock at idle, below 60 full load. Reinstall your HSF
  8. Appreciate the feedback guys.. Cleaned out Dust from HS and Fan reinstalled the HSF and cleaned out all dust from system. Running stable at 52 with 2 Windowed games going. Right where it should be. Grabbed some Arctic silver as well .. Didnt realize there was that much dust in it. Thank you again running great now.

  9. I have a P4 3.4 Prescot with HT on a Abit IC7G. (I like my MB but I hate the Prescot P4s)

    CPU temp is about 65-70 at load and 50 degrees at idle.

    Yes the prescot is a hot chip and I use a Zalman 7700 To cool it down.
  10. You might want to check to see if there is a bios update for your motherboard too. When I first built my system with an MSI board based on the 865PE chipset and a 2.8GHz Northwood C, I was getting really high temp readings. After I updated the bios, the temp readings went down significantly. It turns out that the board was reading the temps too high.
  11. man that's to hot what's your room temp, i have a zalman to and my chip barely goes over 50 into heavy duty works like video editing and after effects effect rendering, check on that i think it's a bit hot , just me wondering
  12. Not all prescotts are hot, but I know that anything above 3.2Ghz is haven't issue with the temperature. The 3.2Ghz and lower runs bout 40 at idle.. but 3.4Ghz+ runs bout 48+ at idle... My old 3.6Ghz prescott runs 50 idel, fully load is around 65.
  13. Man Intel chips are HOT!

    I can run my 12L 400hp deisel generator at full load for days and it runs at a mere 76C. Thank god it isn't powered by intel.

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