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Well i noticed a big problem... my friend is picking up his computer in the nex 2 days and i noticed the Viewsonic VA702 17" LCD doesnt hav DVI? and it only has VGA analog?
and the Leadtek 7600GS 256MB he is buying is Dual DVI link interface, how is he gona get those 2 workin when the monitor doesnt hav DVI analag and the graphics card doesnt hav VGA analog, need som quik response within the 2 days so we could change it or somthin, but does the VA702 or Leadtek 7600GS come with a special DVI+VGA connecter or somthin?

need replies ASAP thanks
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  1. His card comes with a DVI to VGA converter. Otherwise just get one from a local retailer.

    He would be better off getting the 7600GT, it has 12 pixel pipelines. The 7600GS only has 8.
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