A note about starting a thread on the forumz...

I felt that something like this needed to be posted and I used the CPU forumz so more people would be able to read it...

This is a note to new members on these forumz looking to post a thread seeking advice for a new build or upgrade.

When you post a new topic seeking recommendations, please include all the information you can. We need to know the following things in order to better respond to your questions:


If you post a thread asking what graphics card is best for you and you don't let us know how much you are wiiling to spend, there is little we can do to help you. You will get responses ranging from a $40 Radeon 9550 on ebay to two $590 GeForce 7900gtx cards in SLI. Be as specific in your money range as you can. Saying that you are willing to spend "$200 to $500" is not going to help you as much as saying "$330 to $350" would.


Do you need new RAM? DDR or DDR2? What capacity are you looking for? Is latency important to you? Will you run it in dual channel or a single stick? These are all questions someone is going to ask you if you don't provide it in your initial post. To expand on the example above, if you ask what GPU you should invest in without informing as to which interface you have available (PCI, AGP, PCIE) you will invariably be sent a post asking about it. This is not an efficient use of your time or ours. Save yourself the hassle of posting twice on the same subject just to clarify your original question!


"Build me a computer" is not enough information for us to work with. There are so many variables and personal preferences involved in a new build and so many different tasks a computer can perform that such a simple question can become very complicated very quickly. If you want to build a gaming rig, you need to let us know that so we can get our game-build gears turning. If video encoding is important to you, we'd like to know that, too. Do you just want a simple machine for web-browsing or word processing? Well, that's going to have an entirely different set of components than somebody else's ultimate home theater computer.


If you ask where you can buy a cheap PSU online then I can personally guarantee that you will receive a great deal of links to Newegg (as an example). This is not going to help you at all if you live Australia because Newegg is unavailable there. Remember, if you need to know "Where" then so do we!


Saying, "My computer died and I have a doctoral thesis due tomorrow, what should I do?" won't get you very much immediate help. We need to know the symptoms there, Doc! Has it been acting up recently? Any weird noises from the case or flickering on the screen? Give us as much information as you have available. This includes specific hardware models, driver versions, recent changes and host of other potential problem areas we need to know about before we can give you a hand. YOU CAN NEVER GIVE TOO MUCH INFORMATION! God is in the details, after all...

I click on threads all the time where a question has been asked and a productive response has not been given for about 7 or 8 posts because the first posts are requests for more information. I just thought I'd help everyone out with a little guide on how to receive the quickest help they can get.
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  1. This general topic belongs in General Homebuilt forum - I'm moving it there.
  2. That was extremely well worded and helpful for new (and even some old) posters.

    If I may, and I will, add to your list:


    Good Title: Athlon 64 3200+ Venice System Will Not Boot
    Bad Title: PLLeZZZ HEPL ME!!!1!1!

    This is not just for "netiquette" purposes. There are HUNDREDS of new threads on the message boards and I, and others, do not read every one of them. However, if I see a subject with someone needing help with an Athlon 64 3200+ Venice core processor I'll at a bare minimum read the thread because I have experience with that kind of hardware.

    (PS - Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in titles, will not name anyone...)
    (PSS - I hope a copy of this can stay in the CPU forums, it is much needed)
  3. -nice
  4. Thanks for your input. I had a lot of things to say about this subject but I had to go to work before I finished it completely. I plan to repost this topic again sometime next week and will definitely add your "pick a good thread title" to the list. I also have a couple other thoughts that may make it into the next post. I'm hoping to get more responses about the topic and, if enough people agree, would like to try to have it made into a sticky.
  5. I can think of a few peeps who need to read this. Lets see...*looks around hoping nobody is looking at him*
  6. Quote:
    I'm hoping to get more responses about the topic

    (Joking --->) You want more responses? Then put the subject as: "Conroe Benchmarks De-Bunked!". You'd get a ton of responses, of course, you'd probably be the biggest hypocrite ever!
  7. I vote to make this a sticky.
  8. And the mods would probably bump my topic to another category (again!) :D
  9. Yeah, I agree with that, really well written and to the point. I'd second it.
  10. Thanks everyone for their support. Please stay tuned next week sometime for the revised thread. I think I'll include a poll asking whether or not it should be made a sticky. Does anyone have any other suggestions on any other points that should be included?
  11. How about:

    1. Use paragraphs. A huge block of text is offputting to a reader. We don't need to know what your favourite colour is or what you had for breakfast, just gives us the relevant info.

    2. If quoting numbers, timings etc, putting them in a list is lot easier to read than including them within a sentence. E.g.

    My system temps idle at 30C, my CPU is at 50C idle, 70 under load.

    Is not as easy to read as :

    Temps (C):
    System (idle) 30
    CPU (idle) 50
    CPU (load) 70

    3. Proof-read your post before posting. A simple typo can cause a lot of confusion if it's in an important piece of data. Also, if it looks like you've made an effort to be as helpful as possible, people will be more inclined to help you.
  12. Quote:
    And the mods would probably bump my topic to another category (again!) :D

    While I respect the mods and their decisions I would not have moved this thread. I too vote for sticky status.
  13. Good points... Not only should it be made a sticky, it should be required reading upon registration...
  14. Add this:

    Do not blindly link to things on Newegg or any other site without providing the exact name of the part in the post. I and most other have no desire to click 24 links so we have an idea what your system is. Also, do not post links to Newegg Wish Lists and these often do not work.


    Athlon 64 3000+
    Athlon 64 3000+
  15. Very good points. Keep 'em comin'!
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