Connect3d radeon 9600xt direct 3d pixel shaders artifacts.

Hi all .
I recieved a agp radeon 9600xt 128mb video card made by connect3d for work done on my brothers pc .
however the card is ok in 2d but has pixel shader artifacts in direct3d games such as morrowind and farcry the pixel shaded water has glitches
this does not happen in opengl games as far as i have tested.
it has the same results on the two systems i have tried it on.
any ideas why guys?
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  1. I've got a couple of ideas. Maybe your brother overclocked it to far and it died that way, or perhaps your powersupply isn't big enough to handle it. (and I pity that powersupply.)
    Use ATItools. Is it clocked where its supposed to be? Use your favorite temp program, is it an over in there? Have you tried anything to troubleshoot?
  2. thanks for replying but the card is brand new and also my brother knows jack about pc,s in general so he doesnt know what ocering is.
    core and mem clocks are stantard 9600xt speeds 500core 600mem temps are ok too
    both psu's are sufficent 480w and 400w 18A on the 12v rail.
  3. If it is brand new and it artifacts, RMA it. Problem solved.
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