Windows 7 Slower Than Vista?!

Hello Forum,i am having this problem where windows 7 is slower than vista,but not in gaming,in gaming its the same,somewhere little faster,somewhere little slower.The boot and overall work,interface thing.
Boot time
Vista 27 sec
Windows 7 56 sec
Vista welcome screen 2 sec
Windows 7 welcome screen 17 sec

Aero stuttering in windows 7

MSI 785GM-E51
AMD Phenom 550BE 3.5GHz
Palit GTS 450 512mb
Hitachi 320GB SATAII 16mb cache

If anyone have any idea pls share with me!
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  1. How much ram?
  2. yea i forgot the ram, i have 6GB DDR3 of Kingston HyperX 1600MHz.
    Its a 3x2gb.
  3. And both versions are Home Premium x64,the same problem with 32 bit
  4. I would check out System Configuration Utility and eliminate some unnessary start-up programs and see if that helps..
    I have 5 start-up programs which realistically could be just 1 or 2.
    Is your pc showing all your 6gb of ram?
  5. Yes it does show 6gb of ram nothing is reserved or anything and i need to mention that this happens on clean install first second third boot and so on and nothing is installed,no programs.
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