bios wont let me access CPU settings

i've been trying to OC my CPU but whenever i enter the bios i can't access the
any of the CPU options. im using a P4 Northwood 1.6GHz with a ASUS P4S533. i've updated the bios to the newest version but i still can get it to let me access the options. any body know why and how to fix it?

(a guy in a different forum said that some companys block the options so u cant over clock but the computer wasnt bought from a big company and i remember being able to access it before)

Asus P4S533
P4 1.6 GHz (Northwood)
2x 128mb DDR
Asus FX5600
1x Maxtor 200GB
1x Maxtor 80GB
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  1. According to the manual for that board, it supports configuration both through the BIOS as well as by jumpers. To adjust settings in the BIOS, you will need to put it in JumperFree mode by bridging pins 2-3 on JEN1 instead of pins 1-2. This info is on page 24 of the version of the manual I looked at.
  2. thanks alot man i would of never figured that out, ill try it and get back to you
  3. thanks alot got my cpu running at 2.1 GHz for now
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