What's the Best X1800XT?

just as the topic says i've pretty much decided to get the X1800XT, i've usually shopped nvidia and not sure about the quality of manufactures of ati graphics cards, so i mean i've seen saphires, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and ATI...just wondering which manufacturer provides the best card for the best price, the lowest i've seen is $299 either whether that be a MIR or just the regular price

so just looking for the best card for a good price, maybe a recommendation from someone who owns the card or second hand experience, doesn't have to be $299 but obviously cheaper is better!
thanks for the help

P.S. a recommendation for a cheap but good psu to run this card would also be greatly appreciated
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  1. the cheapest is the best,


    u can OC it if its slow.
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