Hi, i'm fixing an old pc for a friend, (cpu=k6-550mhz! memory=128) and the graphics card is showin as ATI Technologies Inc. RAGE VR AGP.

The drivers they got with the pc only work with windows 95/98....

I looked at ATI's site and i cant find Windows 2000 drivers for it? I'm looking in the wrong place or is there a general driver i can use?

Please help, i;m not sure what drivers to get?!?
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  1. Quote:

    Thankyou! there are loads of drivers here, but unfortunatly i have no idea which one of them i should try to use? any ideas?
  2. I would try the earlier drivers first. Don't try CCC.
    ATi Catalyst 4.12 WHQL
    ATi Catalyst 5.3 (Classic) upto
    ATI Catalyst 5.11 (classic)

    The Omega drivers are similar to the Ati (based on) but tweaked. As an alternative.
  3. Thankyou. i'll try what you have suggested
  4. Where is the Man of Action???
  5. fixing up his crew cut.

    Joke aside, I wonder if said graphic card would be supported by a Catalyst driver: it belongs in the much older Rage family (Catalyst covers only Radeon and more recent).

    One solution would be using Linux to identify the exact chip type then d/l the corresponding win2k driver.
  6. I thought Win2000 had Rage drivers in the OS...
  7. some, yes; but there were so many revisions of the Rage chip that one or two may not be recognized.
  8. well, i;m even more confused now! :cry:

    in the end i just left it, i never installed anything appart from windows 2000 and service pack 3. it seems ok at 800x600. Thank you for your input anyway!
  9. i've dealt with a few of those driver issues, the path i use is just pull the card off and check for some info in versions and manufactures an the site i use is the wich needs some free registrations and usually i can find the driver it takes a little time but try a few versions look for those above 50% rate the higher the better ;)
  10. Quote:
    fixing up his crew cut.

    wtf IS a crew cut?!? list an image cos i hear people usin that term all the team and i really am not sure what it is
  11. You seen any war movie recently? Remember this amost shaved haircut with slightly longer hair on top? That's it.
  12. That is almost definitelt the Rage 128 VR agp uses the Rage 128 drivers and software From ATI
    Select windows 2000 drivers rage 128/128pro this is all the software and driver
    From Microsoft via soft.32

    The second is an XP driver but will work fine as well. I have a Rage pro 32mb in a "MP3 player" and it runs 32bit color and 1024 x 768 no problem. And the Ati mmc and other soft works well on 2000 and Xp.
  13. thankyou again for all your help, but i gave it back to the old women i was fixing it for, i told her if she has any problams to contact me. ( i did it free for her cos she's a total n00b, even worse then me).
    {i tried to give her a free scanner i dont use anymore, but she has no idea what it is and started taliking about newspapers, she would'nt take it!}
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