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I'm a couple dozen points from unlocking my first gun. What have people tried? I generally run spec-ops and commander but I could have sworn I picked up a spec-ops upgrade off a body and I didn't see how it was better. It lost the laser sight at least.

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  1. I use the Spec Ops upgrade. It's just very accurate and you don't have to do spurts as short.. you can shoot half a second longer.. it's basically faster at shooting and more accurate.

    I do see a lot of people upgrading their sniper rifles and support.. Mostly Assault though.

    I like the Spec Ops upgrade.. but my next one will be sniper.

    My stats got screwed up horribly.. so I have like 4,000,000,000 in each stat so I don't know my ratio.

    I was like kills/deaths 10:1 in sniper and 5:1 with spec ops. It's been improving since I upgraded to Spec Ops though. You do lose the laser which I really liked.. but the accuracy kind of makes up for it.

    But you get a lot more kills on your own considering most of the time as a spec ops you're alone or being hunted if you're taking out commander stuff.

    I like the upgraded Sniper Rifles though.. the Medic looks to get a nice upgrade too though.
  2. I'll try spec ops then. I figure assault is too common and I'm gonna make my second one the sniper rifle.

    I figure if I want assault I can just pick up kits on the ground and find an upgraded one.

    My stats are kinda screwed too. I have over 1100 points but it still won't let me upgrade my gun. It has told me 3 times in the game about my promotion but in my stats it still doesn't reflect it. I'm hoping I can upgrade my gun when I log on today.

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  3. All was good when I logged on.

    That spec-ops gun is awesome! It's almost like sniping.

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  4. I fixed my stats on Monday.. it was all screwed up.. to my amazement.. I had a really good gaming day on Saturday using a single tank each game, placing 1st 3 times in a row on 3 different maps.

    I earned the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Star in 3 games, all in a row.

    Good, outstanding, and excellent are the ranking of the stars I think. haha. I now have 3 or 4 medals.. and all but maybe 6-8 badges.. and I'm only 50% to Corporal. currently a Lance Corp.

    I know plenty of people who are high up without any medals still.. I find it funny. :)

    but if you look at player stats.. you'll see that some people already have over 10 days of game time in.. the game has been out what, since end of June, not even 1/2 months?

    40 days, 10+ days of playing the game already. My god..
  5. Those who dont venture into the day star...

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  6. I've saw a guy today who was some rank with three stripes and something under the stripes. Not sure how high that is.

    Some of these guys are getting real good now. I had a terrible game session today. I was getting worked by one guy who was just brutal.

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  7. haha.. gf was in Chicago for a work seminar and I just got back from St. Louis the night before. So Saturday morning is an ideal time to play while I'm still recovering from my hangover. :)

    Actually I only played 4-5 games, 3 of which I ranked the top player 3 times in a row, using a tank each time, all different maps, which earned me each star apparently. I didn't find out I won them on the 29th until the 2nd because my stats were all messed up.

    I'm halfway to being a corporal and I have around 15 hours played.. so that's not bad considering I was playing about 3 days after the release.

    so Shh.

  8. Unlock the SF first!!!
    That G36C is very accurate. I've picked of snipers with it and its not bad up close either. It was my first unlock and I don't regret it.

    My next unlock (current new weapon) was the shot gun... that i regret, but for the chinese and americans it is a huge improvement for up close fighting. For the mec... well, i liked thiers to begin with.

    Alot of sniper rifle unlocks, and Ive used the M95 off bodies. I love the m24's accuracy and think the m95 is only a good unlock if you play as the mec or china alot.

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  9. Yeah, I unlocked it and on some maps I play quite a bit of sniper with it as I head in to blow up their command equipt. Definitely a good choice.

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  10. It really saves your ass in CQC too. I found the last gun never did enough damage, but it was still decent at distance shooting. You'd think without having body armor, this guy would be good up close.. I like how it's at least quiet.. I've mastered the 'transition' - going from primary to pistol.. many a times I've taken people down while they're reloading. I love my N52 :)

    I like the sniper rifle as it.. the only other thing I play on a regular basis.. I play Spec Ops 90% of the time, then sniper.. I play a little medic and assault/support, but I find the support to be a little boring.. the distance accuracy sucks, then up close you just drop to the ground all the time.. boring for me.. i like the action.

    As for spec ops, I like getting under bridges, setting charges on either end of it from the bottom so you can't see them on the road.. as tanks and such drive over, you blow up the front and end, catching them int he middle stranded, or taking out a lot more. It's the only way to really be effective in taking out a bridge and enemies..

    I also stick C4 to trees so they're higher up.. when a tank goes by.. you blow it.. if someone is in the gunner's spot, they're dead.. if you have enough C4, you just get the tank since they're looking at the ground, not the trees.

    Aside from that, I wish there was a way for the Ops to pick up unused C4 instead of just wasting it.
  11. That tree idea is awesome. I'm gonna try that.

    I've finally stopped running up to tanks, planting c4 on the tank, running away, and trying to blow them up. I found that my success rate simply wasn't very good.

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  12. Jump and throw your C4.. it goes far..

    Last night.. here I am, running uphill on a road when I hear a tank.. I duck off to the side.. there happens to be a well placed bush along side the road, no trees for me. I plant 2 C4s.. then I run up the hill some more, duck down near a bush.. The tank comes around the corner, starts doing down hill.. then I hear a buggy.. another second and the tank will be in range to blow up..

    Then the buggy comes flying over the top of the hill, gets air and lands directly on me.. the person had no clue I was there, they were just going so fast and lucked out.

    I find that if you get too close to any vehicle and it moves, you die. So I throw them now.. besides, most tanks and LAVs, APCs, the guns can't shoot you if you're close to it, so duck or crawl when you want to get close enough.

    Most things take 2 C4s aside from buggys and jeeps/humvees.
  13. And last night, 7 minutes into playing my first game of the night.. I earned my 2nd Gold Star.

    I'm sitting there on Dragon Valley by the little chinese building thing on the river.. I'm a Spec Ops w/ weapon unlocked.

    I get a guy running up on me, so we're shooting at each other.. we both run out, then this squad member comes in and these guys are both flanking around me.. but they can't hit me, I can't hit them.. I run out on my machine gun, while one guy is reloading, I switch to my pistol and put a few into him as he runs straight away from me.
    One down.

    The second guy has the high ground on me and he's shooting down at me.. I run straight at him, as he backs up to reload, I cut left, run up the hill and cut right to see him, he's looking over the hill trying to find me.. then I lit him up.

    I earned a gold star for that one.. it all happened in less than 30 seconds, I lost 1/4th my health in taking out 2 guys.. I used 2 clips on my primary, 2 clips on my secondary.

    They were assault and anti-tank.. and Folken said those who star don't go outside.

    7 minutes! haha
  14. I thought stars were based upon who got the most points in a round. I've gotten a couple of each star.

    Game dynamics changed drastically for me yesterday. Was watching my buddy play helicopter pilot using a joystick. The control he had was amazing and he raked up 2 ribbons, 60 something points, and just plain dominated the map. His gunner had around 80 points. Was really sweet.

    Headed to Walmart and dropped less than $20 on the same joystick. Not that I did as well as him, but with another guy I had a lot of fun in the helicopter and did relatively decent. I wouldn't bother using the mouse again.

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  15. Yeah I thought gold stars were if you had the most points.. but I was in for a few minutes and I pulled one off.. I haven't looked for anything to describe what's required to earn what.

    The first thing medal/ribbon I got was for satisifactory then excellent.. a yellow and red, then a green and white I think? I got those before I even got the ribbons for each class.
  16. You guys are making this game sound fun. I bought the DVD version 2 weeks ago and haven't even cut into the shrink wrap yet.

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  17. You're missing out.. a lot of stuff to do.. but the maps vary on how fun they are.

    I personally hate the Kubra Dam map.. I liked a lot of the BF1942 maps more.. because it seems the concept of this game is to distract, run to the furthest base, take it over, then everyone spawn there, while the enemy is all on the other end of the map.

    You can beat the crap out of one side, but most of the time they have a base that can't be taken over, or aircraft carriers that can't be sunk.

    I want to be able to sink their ships. :) I liked the destroyer in '42 on the beach head assault.

    But overall, the game is really fun.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if a patch is released that changes the game a bit in the future. BTW, have you mounted the turrents on the carrier? That's pretty fun as well. You get 8 heat seeking missiles and a machine gun, but be carefull or you'll lose massive points for shooting your own team.

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  19. I like Spec Ops also. I'm still just a private with about 400 points so far, but I'm hooked. I guess I have a ways to go before upgrading guns.

    In most games, I like to snipe. But with little single player practice, I'm unusually aweful at sniping in this one; guess I need some practice. I think I'll upgrade spec ops then the sniper rifle next.

    Anyway, fun game. I'm finding myself thinking about this game at times I can't play, plus staying up an hour or two past normal bedtime on nights I can play.

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  20. I've been mastering my aviator skills lately. If I get in a jet, I tend to finish as the highest scoring player as long as a few stupid things don't happen.

    I find that I'll shoot a missile that's locked, and it'll make some crazy turn and hit my teammate's helicopter out of no where, without flares. That bothers me a little bit.

    Other than that things are good with flying..

    But the damn ground defenses are everywhere. It seems like I'm always in lock and someone is always shooting missiles at me.

    Luckily I think I've only been shot down 3 times by ground defense, can't remember the last time another player shot me down in air.

    And I hate when people ram you in the air, or helicopters fly into you, etc. That's annoying.

    But on Dragon Valley, Kubra Damn, Op. Clean Sweep, I rock. :)

    Occasionally I find a good pilot that it takes a few rounds to shoot him down.. and once that happens, someone else grabs a jet and I never see them again.
  21. I've been practicing with support roles, ammo and medic. Been raking up to 88 points a game. Really trying to break 100 but it's damn hard with a crappy squad. Nobody seems to use team speak lately. Very frustrating since with teamspeak it's almost a guarantee that I'll be above 70 points a game.

    Up to 3500 points now. I think the next unlock is at 10,000.

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